6 tips for home improvement on a budget

6 tips for home improvement on a budget

Do you feel like it’s time that your home get an upgrade? Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Well, it may seem like a difficult thing to accomplish, as many home improvement projects can cause a deep hit on your pocketbook. However, you don’t need to break the bank every time you want to make your home a little nicer. Some cheap options will actually greatly increase your home’s value for next to nothing! Here are a few tips to improve your home on a budget…


  1. Use RTA cabinets in kitchen

Updating the kitchen is one of the most challenging, albeit rewarding, ways to upgrade your home. Some of the biggest kitchen amenities are cupboards. Having different cupboards can radically change a kitchen’s entire look. One of the best options that offers great quality at a low price is to use RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets. These cabinets are easy to put together, and designed in sizes that will adapt to any kitchen layout. It’s an easy way to renovate the look of the entire kitchen yourself, without the excess labor and costs. Check out this sweet article about how RTA cabinets cut costs.


  1. Paint laminate countertops

Another way you can update your kitchen is to renovate your countertops. However, getting new countertops can be very expensive, with the popular granite kinds costing thousands upon thousands of dollars. However, you can achieve the same look as granite, or any look you want, by painting your existing laminate countertops. This, along with the cabinets mentioned before, can give you the power to change the look of the entire kitchen with very little cost. With solid colors and speck paint, one can achieve the look of granite for less than $300.


  1. Upgrade lighting

The more light that one has in their home, the more it will actually feel like home. There is also a great financial value to updating the lighting in your home, as newer models of light fixtures are more energy efficient, while generating a warmer, more comfortable light. If you just want to change the look of a room, painting a light fixture can be a cheap and efficient way to control your new look. Also, updating the light fixtures throughout your home can qualify as an energy upgrade, which could qualify you for some great tax rebates!


  1. Put shelves on walls

Any room will feel much larger and more complete with decorated walls, this is because it gives the eye more to look at, making your mind feel like there is more to do. One really effective way to add to the walls of a room is to build shelves into the wall. This is very cheap and exceptionally easy to do, as all you need is a right-sized plank of painted lumber. It also adds more storage and shelf space, so you can fill up a room with personalized decorations that demonstrate your personality. For greater effect, use as much of the wall as possible.


  1. Update bathroom

If you have just a thousand, or even few hundred, dollars to update a room, look at doing your bathroom. Usually, bathrooms are small, meaning that a little bit of that money can go a long way. It also takes much less labor. For example, one could easily apply a coat of paint in their bathroom in an afternoon. If you wanted to update the entire bathroom, it might also be worth considering RTA cabinets in there, as well, as they can easily be applied to a bathroom setup.


  1. Paint the front door

When it comes to adding the most value to your home, while spending the least amount of money, one of the easiest things you can do is paint your front door (or even get a new one, which can quality as an energy upgrade for tax rebates). Even just putting a new coat of paint on a front door has been shown to have an enormous effect on the curb value of a home, since it can change the entire look of your exterior, super simply. One study indicated that the front door had the greatest psychological effect on whether buyers would buy a home out of all other exterior amenities.

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