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We are so excited to begin our Valentine’s Day round up!  We have 10 new blogs that we can’t wait to introduce you to who will be sharing their tips and ideas to make your V-day this year AMAZING!!  So be on the look out, we’ll be posting something new every other day for the next two weeks to inspire your Valentines creativity.  Whether it’s date night in, out, crafts, cards, fashion and the like!  So stayed tuned!

 valentinestwins love onsies photo ideas for kids

I always wish I was on top of things and did a holiday photo shoot with my kids for every holiday like my good friend Lacy.  She does the cutest photos of her boys for every season and holiday, and frankly, is a much more organized person than I am! (Plus, I’d be shocked if my kids ever sat still long enough for me! Ha!)  If you’re located near Washington you MUST look her up for your photos!! She’s incredible! {Click here to see her stuff!}  But every once in a while, I force myself to get a few shots in, bribe the heck out of my kids, lose a little hair, but get those adorable shots I want!  Last valentines was just such a day.  I didn’t do anything fancy, in fact, for most of the pics my kids are sitting on my dog’s  bed (don’t judge me!), but I just want to show you how easy it can be.  Just pull up to a window and use that gorgeous lighting!  Get yourself a FREE www.Picmonkey.com account and create everything I’ve done below!



What cute little sassy pants!

So, They’re little outfits could be any easier!  First off, we can thank photoshop for the twins’ LOVE onsies! because I’m cheap and didn’t want to waste $$ on something they were only going to wear once! haha  and

their cute little leggings I got {here}.

Then, to make your own SUPER EASY ties (or this year I’ll do monograms and hearts) I followed this simple tutorial {here}

I LOVE making holidays special for my kiddos!! I never really cared about Valentines…I’m not a v-day hater or anything, it just seems like a made up holiday is all.  BUT now I see the value in finding more days to celebrate and make special!!  It’s too much fun when your little chompies are involved!

So, last year (I wasn’t very good at documenting what we did, obviously) we made these cute heart shaped eggs.

Tutorial for the eggs {Click Here}.

heart shaped egg tutorial how to make heart shaped eggs boiled eggs

Here’s what I learned from making these:

It’s SO not a waste of time, I promise!!  It was so cute to watch my little 3 year old’s face just light up over this “magic!”  Totally worth me demolishing 5 eggs first! haha But you don’t have to do what I did…I couldn’t find written instructions so it was just trial and error (but the link above has the written instructions in full)…and here’s my tips:

The key here is that you have to peel and shape the eggs while they are still warm.  That can be difficult because the eggs are HOT and the shells stick.  So, just peel them under running warm water and that will make it super easy!  In the US we don’t typically have milk cartons, but I do use Almond milk, and those cartons worked perfect.  I also think just cutting up a plastic milk jug would suffice as well….or a box with a sharp edge would be even better!

Here’s how ours finally turned out!  I also cut up some cheesy hearts…I mean, cheese hearts. 🙂 A few red balloons and a red fruit smoothie topped with whipped topping and voila! A totally awesome, Mom-award-winning v-day experience! Boom! You rock!

valentinesday heart boiled egg hearteggs heart shape how to make

For more great ideas, follow our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board…We’ve been pinning awesomeness from everywhere!

And be sure to check back, we have 10 more valentine’s ideas coming from some fabulous bloggers we can’t wait to share!! xox

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