Top 7 Online Learning Platforms for Kids

For some fun ways to help teach, here are the top seven online learning platforms for kids. These are easy to use and they really do work!

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7 Online Learning Platforms for Kids

With the uncertainty of times now still apparent, most parents are choosing to continue educating their children in the home. While online learning platforms are definitely on the rise, it can be daunting to try and find the best resources to make sure your students are learning while also having fun in an online setting. 

Sometimes it can be more difficult for children to stay engaged and actively participate when at home on a tablet, laptop or another device, since there are so many extra distractions. There are some great resources that you can access that will help not only entice your children but also help them along in their educational journey.

ABC Mouse

This subscription comes with more than just one app to use on devices.  ABC Mouse online learning academy is a fantastic online tool to help your child learn in a way that feels more like playing games instead of learning. This educational resource is more tailored for younger children, from ages 2 to 8. Children have fun earning tickets and rewards for completing their lessons, giving them a great sense of accomplishment, but while also equipping themselves with essential building blocks of education that include Reading, Math, Science, Arts & Colors, Numbers, and Shapes. 

You can also try it completely free for a full 30 days before committing to buy, so your child can have a full month to play and see if it is a good fit. Overall, it has 850 different lessons with over 9,000 different activities to choose from, so there is bound to be something in there for children to help them enjoy at-home learning. 


This is an educational tool for all ages. Scholastic covers material for Preschool to 9th-grade children with online learning that includes 4 separate learning experiences revolving around a centralized story or video. They have a  “Learn at Home” program that can provide students with 20 days worth of lessons at home. 

Children have the freedom to go through the lessons at their own pace, and also have the option to enlist the help of parents when needed. Most of their lessons can take up to 3 hours’ time and are available to be accessed on any device. They also have an option to purchase books and magazines for learning to bring in the home, so you’re not just focusing online. This is really great if you are a concerned parent when it comes to too much screen time and you feel that your child needs less.

Music To Your Home

Music education is an essential part of learning and has actually been proven as a great tool for development. Did you know Music education online has become apart of the popular online learning platforms for children? Music has been proven to provide children with advanced academic and social skills. It also gives kids the ability to better deal with emotions and feelings. 

This is something that can be truly essential, especially now when social distancing is in place. Children can have a difficult time adjusting to this new way of life at home. Online lessons for the piano give children the opportunity to learn with one of the best beginner instruments. They will learn to understand basic music theory, key signatures, and chord progressions. They also have the added benefit of interacting with their very own private tutor right from the comfort of home.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is more video-game based, where kids can create their own adventures and be more interactive. This is so great because it will keep them engaged in each lesson. So it’s like a game, similar to ABC Mouse but geared towards older students, from ages 8 to around 13 years. 

In language arts, Adventure Academy focuses on spelling, language developments, and reading comprehension. The math portion dives deeper into multiplication, division, geometry, and word problems. The  Social Studies Section is where students learn about geography, history, world cultures, and even economics. There is also a Science program that teaches about forces, motion, atoms, and more.

Lakeshore Learning

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to pay for education. Lakeshore Learning has over 1,000 printable resources to use at home, including lesson plans and summer activity calendars for children of all ages. The best part about this is that they are all completely free. You can create daily plans to help your children keep a routine while not in school. There is even an award maker where you can print awards when your children prove themselves as star students. 

Reading Eggs

Reading is a necessary part of your children’s education, and if you’re looking for something specific for the focuses just on that, Reading Eggs is a great online resource. It helps students from ages 2 all the way up through to age 13, making learning to read easier with various games and interactive progressions. 

Children can earn rewards as they advance in their reading levels. It provides a nice sense of achievement and helps them feel proud. Keeping them excited and anxious to learn is the best. Each lesson is matched to your child’s specific reading level to cater to them. Parents have the ability to track their progression by getting detailed reports on their progress. 

Khan Academy

Another avenue like Lakeshore that has a lot of free resources online, Khan Academy is a great online learning platform. This works for children of any age from as young as 4 to as old as 18. So if you have multiple children learning in the home, it can be easily accessible to all. They even have a sister app called Khan Academy for Kids for ages 2 to 7. Though they are free the company is a non-profit so they do ask for donations periodically to keep their business going. They have practice exercises and instructional videos and they pride themselves on providing personalized learning for the individual student. They also have additional prep courses for things like SATs and Praxis exams. 

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Virtual learning platforms and applications are probably going to lend the way for our future, with the uncertainty of going back to school. Learning at home can be difficult, but it still can be done with the help of these great online applications. Children should be sure to continue reaping the benefits of education even while stuck at home, but it’s important to keep them entertained and engaged as well. Education is important for a successful future, so be sure you choose the right path to help your children along in their journey towards high achievement by continuing their learning with the help of some great online resources.

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