Tips for Planning a Vacation You will both LOVE!

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vacation planning, orlando, travel, travel tips, trip how tos   Planning a vacation can be tricky, there are different expectations that go into what a vacation should be and what we hope to accomplish with said vacation. Are you looking for adventure, relaxation, danger, history, guided tours, or peace and quiet? Sometimes it can be tricky to make both you and your spouse happy when going on vacation because you may be hoping for different things.

I think it is safe to say that opposites attract. This was definitely the case when I met my husband Paul. In fact, upon first meeting each other we didn’t take the other too seriously as we were both friends who enjoyed being around each other. Paul asked me out to support a friend who needed a “wing man” and we ended up having WAY more fun than they did. Fast forward a short six months of dating and we were married, I know, that is crazy fast. We have now been married almost eleven years and have had so much fun challenging each other with our differences. Sometimes is it the spicy kind of fun and sometimes it is more of a battle. We have had to learn to accommodate our vacationing needs as well, as we found that Paul will need more relaxing down time while I am ready to get out of the house and have some adventures! We have had a lot of fun travels in our married life and I am going to share with you a few tips on what I learned as we accommodated our different needs to recharge.

1. Compromise

Always compromise when it comes to fulfilling your wishes for your vacation. Maybe you will decide that you are going to go for a beach vacation this year and a historical tour next year. Even better, you could decide that you could squeeze both types of interests in within one vacation.

Chase Ultimate Rewards just conducted a survey of men and women showing that we interpret travel goals and roles differently. It revealed that while eight out of 10 couples plan to take a vacation together this summer, interesting ‘he said, she said’ contradictions suggest men and women lack an understanding of what their significant other looks for in a vacation.

Couples Travel Infographic_Chase Ultimate Rewards - APPROVED (1)

2. Be Willing to Change your Pace

My husband likes to take things slower than I do. I like to have a plan and play hard. He likes to take a more relaxed approach and see where the day may take us. We have benefited from both approaches. He has been grateful when I planned a bike trip in Hawaii to see a sun rise as it was very much worth waking up early for a spectacular ride, and I am thankful to him for suggesting we take the trip slow on the way back and explore a local church, floral shop, or just make time to hang out. In the survey above, Chase Ultimate Rewards found that the majority of women (47 percent) believe they are the ones who develop a trip’s itinerary. However, 57 percent of men say it is a joint effort. Don’t be afraid to change up your pace, you may find unexpected beauty just around the corner of the visitors shop.

3. Ask your significant other what would help them recharge the best way possible

Because we recharge in different ways it is important to look for those opportunities for each other. When planning a trip to Orlando I was all about visiting Universal Studios and playing like a kid. I love roller-coasters, parades, and a fun filled day. My husband on the other hand really loves to go on a cruise so that he doesn’t have to think about planning food, entertainment, or hotel plans you get it all rolled into one and you can RELAX. We decided to spend a few days doing each kind of vacationing and to this day it is one of my favorite vacations we have been on. vacation, cruise, travel, mymommystyle, florida, couples travel, chase freedom So ask each other and try to figure out ways to make each other happy. That is what marriage is all about, right?

Orlando, Travel, Harry Potter world, Universal Studios4. Have a clear understanding of your vacation Budget

Vacationing can be expensive and money in general can be very stressful in a marriage. In the survey, Chase Ultimate Rewards found both men and women are quick to label their partner as “the person who tends to spend money easily.” Even though a quarter (25 percent) of those in relationships label their significant other “The Spender,” only 7 percent self-identify as such. Deciding what your vacation budget will be ahead of time will take a lot of stress out of the actual vacation. Saving in anticipation of the vacation can be a great way to look forward to the vacation itself and create a way for you to bond as you save together. Decide together what your “spending” money will be once you get there, you could even make a game of it if you are so inclined. Paul and I have made it a tradition to buy a magnet of our vacations together and keep them on the side of our fridge to remind us of the fun times.

5. Take time to be just the two of you

Whether you have children or not it is so important to take time to be just the two of you. This is one of the most important things I think my parents have taught me is to keep dating each other and to take time to play. You don’t have to have a beach side vacation to make it special, even a stay-cation at a local hotel can be just what you need to recharge your relationship mojo. My husband and I love using Chase Ultimate Rewards to help plan our vacations as they offer curated travel content and in-depth guides for destinations around the world with recommendations for hotels, restaurants and activities. You can also redeem points for travel, gift cards, cash, experiences and more.  Visit Chase Ultimate Rewards to learn more.

6. Have FUN

Always remember that vacations are meant to rejuvenate us. Roll with the punches and enjoy each other!

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