Smartbeat: A baby monitor with twins in mind

One year ago this month I went in for a routine ultrasound of my SIXTH child only to find that there was a SEVENTH as well. The feelings I had that day are still so vivid in my mind. My world was turned upside down. It gets easier and harder everyday now that my twins are 6 months old. These boys have made me feel like a first time mom again.

The timing of my twins being born turned out to be serendipitous. While I was pregnant, I was given two Smart beat monitors to try out. Short of a mail-order nanny, I thought I had seen every baby product under the sun, however, I had never actually owned a baby monitor.

Shocker, I know!

I honestly never thought I needed one with my other 5 kids. With a small enough house, I could hear my babies when they needed me. I also didn’t feel the need to monitor their breathing. However, with a house of 5 noisy kids, it became much harder to hear the beckoning cries of a baby, even when amplified by two! I also wondered if I should be monitoring my babies’ breathing more closely since they were so tiny. All of these reasons made the Smartbeat a welcome addition to my baby gadget collection.

Why Smartbeat?

After only a day of using the Smartbeat I realized that this was no ordinary baby monitor. Smartbeat is the Cadillac of all baby monitors! If there is one product that is worth the investment (especially for a mother of twins) THIS is it! Unprecedented technology, simplicity, convenience, and customer service make this monitor the best one out there by a long shot. My only wish is that I would have had it with my other 5 children!


In addition to being able to see, hear, and talk to your baby right from your phone, you can see real-time breathing and be alerted if your baby stops breathing. The Smartbeat is unique from other breathing monitors as it doesn’t require any wearables, sleeping pads, or wires (lets be honest, I would have sent them through the wash anyway!) Using computer vision technology, which is as safe as taking a picture, the Smartbeat can track movements as tiny as an individual breath of a swaddled baby.

With such fine-tuned technology I was surprised that the Smartbeat is priced at only $249! Comparable baby monitors cost at least $50 more and aren’t an all-in-one monitor like the Smartbeat. Breath detection, a computer vision camera, and an intercom system put the Smartbeat in a class on its own. Note: If you are using it for twins, you will need to make sure you order two cameras, as they each need their own for breath detection capabilities.


I am embarrassed to say that my Smartbeat monitors sat in the box for a little while. Time was scarce with round the clock nursing and diaper changes in addition to keeping 5 other humans alive. It was pure survival mode for the first few weeks. When I finally got around to setting up the cameras, I was shocked at how easy it was! In 30 minutes my husband and I had both Smartbeat cameras up and running. The setup videos walk you through every step and leave little room for error. In fact, I bet my 12 and 8 yr old could have set it up without a problem!

The Smartbeat app is extremely user-friendly. On the home screen, I can see a snapshot of my babies from their individual cameras. With the push of a button, I notify the cameras that my baby is in the crib and ready to be monitored. I can even adjust the 355 degree pan/tilt camera right from the app so I don’t have to enter the room and disturb the boys. This also might be useful later on as they start sneaking out of their cribs and I have to scan the room in a game of hide and go seek.


I’m not typically a worrier, but I do a lot of juggling and multi-tasking as a mom of seven. Instead of sending a messenger up the stairs (cue older siblings) I just check my phone. Two cameras work seamlessly in the app together and I can tell which baby is crying and if they need immediate help. I love that I can be outside doing yard work and can still hear the babies through my bluetooth headphones or have the option of viewing them on the app. I can even see them remotely when they are home with a babysitter. The only additional thing Smartbeat needs, is a robotic hand that can reach out and put a pacifier back in. That kind of technology would warrant a Nobel Prize.

Customer Service

One of the things I really love about this monitor is the way that the company stands by their product. Smartbeat was created by a husband with his wife in mind. Like any mother, she worried about her baby and he wanted to take that worry away. They are a small company and their customer service can not be beat. You can call or email them directly and you will get a reply within hours (sometimes even at 1:00am). They truly believe in their product and value the customer’s input. The app is constantly improving, and with a 1-year warranty, and 90-day money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong. It is now available for purchase on Amazon or directly from their website I know you will love the Smartbeat as much as I have, especially if you have twins keeping you on your toes all day.

Learn more about Smartbeat at or post your questions below.

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