5 Surprising Benefits of a Baby Video Monitor

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When Jett was born I only needed to buy a few things as he is my third baby. I had a diaper pail, crib, stroller, changing table, mobile, a baby video monitor, and my trusty boppy pillow. In fact, I even had two monitors so I thought there wasn’t much reason to buy a third. Because his room is next to mine I have “mommy alarm” positioned deep inside my subconscious and wake very easily to baby sounds and got comfortable with just checking on him every so often by listening from the floor below during the day. The video monitor I had didn’t power on very well and the other monitor I had was always getting interference so I just did without.

Lucky for me VTech asked me to review their Safe & Sound monitor and I honestly couldn’t love it more. Of course, everything stated here is 100% my opinion.

1. Knowing When to Rush In.

When I had my first child I would obsess over every sound they made wondering if I should rush in, put my ear to the door, or just give the baby time to self soothe. I am a big believer in self soothing and know from experience that it can take a few nights for your babe to figure out time and time again after a bout with sickness or after teething…it seems like these cycles happen every few months as a parent with a young child.

Jett has a strange habit of sticking one arm down the side of his crib and he loves to fall asleep this way. One thing I did invest in this time around was a breathable bumper pad so that if he does smush his face up against the side of the crib he can breath easier than he could with a traditional bumper. I also like being able to see him on the monitor to know what position he is in and when he decides to lay like that if he ever gets stuck.

vtech baby monitor

If you need some tips on helping a baby sleep you can find more about that here.

2. Having a clear view of the entire Room.

With VTech’s Safe & Sound monitor you can actually not only check on your baby but you can check on their entire room. This monitor will actually pan, tilt, and zoom! The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. Need more detail? The camera zooms up to 2x. If you are really wanting to capture every angle you can even purchase more than one camera per monitor so you can virtually see every bit of the room. I found that one camera was plenty for me!

  • Multiple View Options: System supports viewing of up to 4 total cameras from one parent unit. Viewing modes include single view (one camera only), split view (cycles through cameras on single view before stopping on split view) and patrol mode (single view that transitions to a different camera every 7 seconds)

baby monitor

3. Knowing the temperature and if your baby is comfortable.

In Utah we have such extreme temperatures of hot and cold. Although we are in a heated/cooled house I often worry about if my baby is warm enough or too warm. I know that to reduce the risk of SIDS it is suggested that you not dress your baby too warmly but I hate finding my baby’s hands and feet cold. This monitor gives me peace of mind of knowing how warm or cold it is without having to go in and disturb my baby.

4. Watching your Baby Play and discover.

Because Jett has two older siblings he is often mauled and gets frustrated with his three year old sister wanting to be in his face ALL OF THE TIME. This same monitor that is mounted in his nursery is able to change the angle and zoom so that I can give him some alone play time and still keep an eye on him. I love watching his little mind work and capturing those moments that can so easily slip away. In fact, after installing this monitor I find that I am stopping my television watching or looking at my phone once all of the kids have gone to bed just to capture a sneak peek of what he is up to or how cute his bum looks sticking up in the air as he sleeps. I look forward to using this monitor to spy on my kids as they play together as well.

vtech monitor features

5. Comforting your Child without having to be in the Room.

I was so excited when I learned that this monitor has a microphone in the camera where you can actually talk to your child. There have been times when I have been stuck helping another sibling or wanting to soothe him by talking to him and rather than running in right away I can talk to him through the monitor. This feature can quickly turn tears into a cooing baby as they know you are close at hand.

Another nice thing about this is that my older two are staring to keep on eye on their baby brother too and let me know if he is still sleeping or when he has woken up. This is a way that they can help out when I am busy making dinner or playing with them.

vtech baby monitor, mymommystyle.com

It really is amazing how many new features have been added since I had my first baby six years ago and I am in love with my VTech monitor!

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What moments have you been able to capture while using a Monitor?

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