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I remember when I was young, spending time with my Grandpa.

He always built relationships with each grandchild, and not one of us ever left his presence without feeling uplifted and better about ourselves. His big booming voice welcomed us, as he called us by name. “Janae! Come sit by me and tell me what things are going on in your life!” and so I did. It’s funny how kids, even teenagers, respond to a sincere request for information about their lives and thoughts.

One day he hoisted me up onto his knee. I still remember being in the downstairs family room, with two deer heads on the wall, some old painted pictures and big tables from the family meal. “Janae, how is it going?” Well, I began…. “I can’t wait to drive a car! I am only fifteen and I don’t want to wait another day!”

He looked at me with a grin and serious eyes and said, “Janae, life goes fast enough on it’s own – don’t wish away one single day.”

And that was it. I took him seriously, and have worked to enjoy the space in time that I was in. It makes life feel different – more at peace. I have to constantly remind myself of his advice, because I can be inpatient at times. But more often then not, this single piece of advice has gotten me through some really hard days when I felt like giving up. It’s all about perspective. If we are always waiting until some unknown day in the future, we will never enjoy the day we are in.

So go out and make it a beautiful day!

by: Janae

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