Trick or Treating: A guide for moms

A mom's complete guide to trick or treating


Trick or Treating: A Guide for Moms

Author: Victoria Candland

Halloween is such a festive time of year with all the fun traditions like pumpkin carving, dressing up, haunted house-going, and trick or treating. As a mom, you want to make sure your kids will have fun and be safe as they go trick or treating. And you’ll most likely be right alongside them as they excitedly scamper from door to door collecting candy.

Here is the mom’s comprehensive guide to all things trick-or-treating so you won’t forget any of the must-dos:


Choosing the Right Costumes

You want to make sure your children are warm and comfortable as they brave the cold air for the sake of sugar. In some parts of the country, it’s even snowing by Halloween. Bundle your kids up while also letting their costumes shine. Dress your kids in long-sleeve shirts and leggings under their costumes and make sure they’re wearing close-toed shoes with thick socks. It might be a good idea to test-run the costumes before the night of October 31. A few nights ahead, go for a little walk outside with the basics of their costumes on and see if they have any complaints about the cold or are uncomfortable with any part of their attire.

Also remember to listen to your children’s preferences with what they want to be for Halloween. The more say your son has in his Captain America costume, the longer he’s going to want to stay out trick or treating and the more fun he’s going to have.

As mom, you don’t want to be boring by not wearing a costume while out with your kids. Make sure you are in the Halloween spirit with a simple costume of your own. And it could be something that matches your kids, if their costume choice permits.


Maintaining Safety While Trick or Treating

If you have little kids, make sure you stay clear from the big kids who often run door to door, obliviously knocking things in their paths. If you have a large family, make a buddy system with your kids so they can keep track of each other while you try to lead all from house to house. Hold your children’s hands—it is dark after all and you want to make sure you know where they are at all times. Bring a flashlight and a cell phone and other precautionary accessories for ultimate preparedness.  Never allow any family member to enter the home of someone you don’t know.

a moms Guide to Trick or Treating Mymommystyle


Handing Out the Best Treats

You want to be the house that kids look forward to stopping by as they go trick or treating. If you want to go above and beyond, hand out whole candy bars or ring pops or even an assortment of small toys. You could fill up see-through gloves with small, wrapped candies and tie them with an orange and black bow.  Let your creative juices flow when it comes to Halloween treats this year.  With a great idea and some simple preparation, your treats will be a huge hit.

Make sure your front door, patio, and front yard are decorated with things like spiders, lights, and jack-o-lanterns for aesthetic intrigue to delight your trick or treaters.


A complete guide to trick or treating

Dealing with the Sugar

Sugar is inevitable when it comes to Halloween. As a mother, you want to limit your child’s intake of sugar as much as possible, but don’t be too restrictive this Halloween season or your child might start resenting your deliberate withholding of candy.

Just keep your kids on a good dental hygiene schedule with brushing and flossing every night and brushing every morning. Also, in the days following Halloween, give them their candy after dinner so they are already full and limit the number of pieces consumed at a time.

You might want to set an appointment with a local pediatric dentist like this one after the Halloween holiday if your children are due for a checkup or cleaning. Your children should see the dentist every 6 months. The dentist can answer any questions you have about sugar consumption and give you additional advice about how to effectively manage sugar intake during Halloween and other holidays.

Above all, enjoy this Halloween with your children!

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