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We “love”

a good knock off project, so today we are sharing with you a Valentine’s

Day dishtowel.  This project was inspired by Pottery

Barn’s “LOVE” dish towel.   I tweaked the colors and did red wording instead of black

to make it more specific to Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Dishtowel1


this project you will need your trusty Silhouette Cameo, I honestly don’t know what we

would do without ours – it’s awesome!  This is the first project I have used Silhouette’s Fabric Interfacing

Clean Cut.  To cut fabric on your Silhouette you also need a special fabric blade, this is colored blue instead of your normal blade that is colored black.

Supplies Needed:

Silhouette Fabric Blade



Red Cotton


Valentines Dishtowel2and12

The first

step for me was measuring my dishtowel to see how large I wanted my “Love” to be.  My stencil

measures 7 x 6 inches.  You can download the stencil here – you

will need to save it to your computer as a Silhouette file, then open the file in your Silhouette Studio.

 Valentines Dishtowel3


you will need to prep your fabric.  I don’t have a picture of this, but you will iron on the fabric

interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric (see instructions on the package).  Once the fabric

interfacing is ironed on, you will peel back the white paper.  Now stick your fabric on the mat with

the interfacing side down.

Valentines Dishtowel4

For a light cotton fabric I used a blade setting of

4.  I have also tried to cut fleece and even with a blade setting of 9, I was not able to get it to

cut.  So be sure to test out your blade setting before you start.

Valentines Dishtowel5


the mat into your Silhouette and cut out the project.  This is what it looked like when I peeled

back the large piece of extra fabric.  The font I chose is probably not the best font for fabric,

there are a lot of cut lines and little pieces.

Valentines Dishtowel6

Peel off all

the additional fabric until your letters look this.

Valentines Dishtowel7


transfer each piece of fabric to your dishtowel.  I started with the bottom letters then did the

top. I opted not to use the transfer paper for this step because I was afraid it was too sticky and I’d never get

the fabric off it.

Valentines Dishtowel8

Now iron

the fabric letters to your dishtowel.  You only need to hold down the iron for about 10

seconds to get them to stick.

Valentines Dishtowel9

And there

you have it – a decorative Valentine’s Day dishtowel!

 Valentines Dishtowel10


project was pretty quick to complete and I’m really happy with the look.  One thing to note

when using the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing is that this product is for items that won’t have heavy

use or be washed a lot.  If you want something more durable you can use the Sewable Fabric Interfacing and sew down the fabric to your dishtowel.

Valentines Dishtowel11

Overall, I

really like Silhouette’s Fabric Interfacing.  The only issue I had with this project is a little fabric

fraying; if you look closely at the “L” you can see some fraying.  I’m not sure if this is from the

fabric or the interfacing.  I would recommend using a font that does not require so many cuts to

help minimize the fraying.

 Valentines Dishtowel2and12

This is

a super cute decorative dish towel for Valentine’s Day and would even make a great gift!

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