Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate that special someone in your life. Give the gift that mom actually wants with these ten great ideas.

Boy giving mom a kiss
Top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate that special someone in your life. Give the gift that mom actually wants with these ten ideas. #top10mothersdaygiftideas #mothersdaygiftideas #mothersdaygifts #mothersday

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you need to be sure you are ready to surprise that special Mom in your life. Whether you are planning a gift for your mom, choosing a gift for your wife, helping the kids figure out a gift for mom, or needing a gift for another mom in your life, these top 10 Mother’s day gift ideas will help you present the kind of gift that mom actually wants.

My favorite Mother’s Day experiences and they always revolve around simple things, simple hugs, or special time spent. Flowers are not always a must for me so this Mother’s Day list is for Moms like me that may want something a little different.

1. An Overnight Getaway

Every mom has fantasies about getting away for a day. Make mom’s wish come true this year! Here are some getaway ideas to get you thinking about the perfect overnighter for mom:

  • Romantic getaway with her spouse
  • A night alone at a hotel
  • A getaway with her sister(s), mom or a close friend

Just remember to plan in advance and think through all of the necessary arrangements, especially relating to childcare, paying for the getaway, giving her time to pack, etc. Coordinating all of the logistics will be no small task, but your efforts will be greatly appreciated by mom.

2. An Evening Out

A great alternative to an entire day away is planning an evening out for mom. You can enlist the help of other family members or her closest female friends to arrange the plan. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Girl’s night activity
  • Night out with her daughter(s)
  • Night out with her mom
  • Romantic dinner
  • Really fun date with her spouse
  • Night to go shopping alone (with cash to spend)
  • Night at the spa
Mom sleeping in for Mother's day

This made the Top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas list because moms never seem to have enough time! If giving mom time away isn’t feasible, consider giving mom a few uninterrupted hours at home. Here are some great ways you can give mom some time for herself:

  • Clean the bathroom. Set up candles, turn on mom’s favorite music, and then banish mom to the bathroom for an hour or two. For an extra special touch, purchase some natural bubble bath like this for mom.
  • Let mom sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning. For an extra special touch, make her favorite breakfast when she wakes up.
  • Get everyone out of the house and let mom have an afternoon at home alone. For an extra special touch, bring home mom’s favorite take out for dinner when you return.
  • Purchase a book mom has been wanting to read and give her time alone to read it.
  • Encourage mom to take a few hours to do a hobby she enjoys. Keep all distractions away from her.

4. A Sentimental Gift

Consider giving mom a meaningful gift. The key is to put thought into the gift, make it personal, and make it one of a kind. Here are some sentimental gift ideas to help inspire you:

  • Make a fun photo book full of memories
  • Write mom a letter thanking her for specific ways she has improved your life
  • Have each child make a few pages about mom and turn them into a book
  • Enlist the help of the kids and make up a song for mom
  • Book a family photo session and then frame one of the family prints
  • Compile mom’s favorite recipes into her own personal cookbook
  • Ask extended family members to share their favorite memories of mom over the years and Compile them into a book, or make a fun video presentation

5. Pay Attention to Hints

Has mom been dropping hints about something that she wants? Listen carefully to any desires she expresses. For example, at a random moment she might say one of these phrases:

  • “I have always wanted to get…”
  • “I would love to have…”
  • “Someday I am going to…”
  • “I really wish I had…”
  • “Oh, that is so _____. I’d love one of those.”
Women relaxing in a bathtube

Watch the things mom searches for online or checks out at the store. If you watch and listen carefully, you just might pick up on exactly what mom wants.

6. Family Photoshoot

Family photo

One thing my husband LOATHES is family picture time…and with how quickly children grow I am always wanting to update our family portrait. I would be shocked if my husband surprised me with a photo shoot for the family because I know how much he dislikes doing it!

7. Murder Mystery Dinner

I once hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner with my family and it was so much fun. To this day I think has been one of my favorite memories with my family! Why not have a date night out with those you love most and guess who done it!

murder mystery mother's day gift idea

8. Spa Day/Massage

Mom getting a massage

This is and will always be one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. There is nothing like a little pampering to make you feel like a whole new woman.

9. Ask Her What She Wants

Figuring out the perfect gift for mom without asking her is a worthy goal, but sometimes the best route is to ask mom directly. Convey to mom that you really want to get her something that she wants and listen carefully when mom tells you her answer. If the request is specific, follow her specifications. For example, a specific request for cute red heels is not the same as a general request for red shoes.

10. Last of the Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Keep Mom in Mind

This is the last of the Top 10 Mother’s Day gift Ideas because at the end of the day, this is all about showing love for our moms. As long as you put mom first, you will surely see mom’s face light up when you present your thoughtful gift.

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