7 Easy Ways to Host a Virtual Party & Giveaway

If there is anything that 2020 taught us it is that hosting a virtual party may be something we do for years to come. It may not be an ideal scenario, but here are some ideas to make it really special.

Make the party all about fun

This isn’t a class zoom call! We want to make this virtual party on that engages all different types of activities.

Take into consideration the age and interests of your child and guests. If your child thinks the idea is fun/exciting that is a good place to start. Ask for their favorite food, games, activities, and then incorporate them into your plan.

Not quite sure what I mean? Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • Have a game night Jackbox has games for crowds of every age. Consider playing Fibbage, the game where your friends try to guess your lies, or Quiplash, a trivia game. You’re almost guaranteed to find a few options for your party.
  • Host a Lego Master Builder party Find a small lego set that you can send to all of the attendees so that you can have a little building time together. This is a fun way to be creative and work virtually side by side. Not into legos? Try Play-dough, Ooblick, or shrink dinks.
  • Sing Karaoke Have a blast with a your favorite song! This could be a tricky one to do if you have shy kids. A good idea to overcome the nerves is to find videos to play from YouTube that the children can sing to from home. Let them pick their favorites ahead of time so that you can play DJ and have them ready to go.
  • Cook together Create a simple recipe list and cook together! This could be fun for younger children with adult supervision or teenagers. Show the results after and see if they all turn out looking the same!
  • Play Games Games like BINGO are super fun from afar if you’re close enough to deliver a little treat to the winners. Having a “runner” makes the game even more fun that can bring the treat in real time.
  • Watch a movie together Start a movie at the exact same time so you can enjoy a film together.
  • Be a game show host

Create a gift list that counts

One of the trickiest things about doing a party long distance is getting a gift to the birthday boy/girl. Through Wishslate you can create a virtual list that will actually be items that your child wants. Another idea is to have one gift that everyone chips in on! It can be a really fun way to have a big reveal during your party.

Create Memories that Last

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