3 Easy Garden Ideas for Spring

Update your yard this spring with these easy garden ideas. Decking, containers and a kid’s zone can improve your outdoor living space.

Easy Garden Ideas
Update your yard this spring with these easy garden ideas. Decking, containers and a kid’s zone can improve your outdoor living space. #easygardenideas #springgardenideas

Easy Garden Ideas for Spring

You’ve given your home a good spring clean and you’re ready for the long sunny days of summer. But what about the garden? How’s it looking at the moment? Many of us find it hard to make the time to keep the garden looking good, but here are some easy garden ideas to help.

There’s always so many other tasks to do, especially when there’re little ones keeping you busy. Making a few changes to your yard can transform you living space. Spring is the best time to make and complete your plans so you can enjoy the summer time with the family.

No need to have a high maintenance garden to make it a beautiful living space. A garden that’s reasonably low maintenance, but still family friendly, is the ideal set up. And here’s a few easy garden ideas to help you achieve it.

1. Add a Decking Area to Your Garden

Not just pretty, a decked area is great for family time outdoors. It’s a useful platform for al fresco dining, playing games together and socializing with extended family. 

Outdoor deck

Plan out your seating arrangements on a piece of paper first, so you can work out how much space you’ll need. The cost of decking will depend on whether you install it yourself or get in a professional. Another cost implication will be the materials you use.

Composite decking can be lower maintenance and more durable, so this is a good option. It may cost you a little more money, but you won’t need to do any yearly wood sealing or staining.

If you have young children, make sure you’ve got some sturdy guard rails in place. Always smart to prevent any unnecessary tumbles over the side of your new deck.

2. Increase your Container Planting

Not all of us are natural gardeners. But that doesn’t mean we can’t grow lots of plants and flowers. An easy and low maintenance way of doing this is container gardening. One of them is acquiring flowers from a florist calgary

Growing plants in containers rather than in the ground has its advantages. The ground in your garden may not be the best for growing plants, so compost filled pots may be get you better results.

Another benefit is the lack of weeds in potted plants. Weeds spread very easily in a yard, but it’s harder them to spread between pots. Cut down on weeding time and spend more time enjoying your yard.

containers of flowers

Go for plants that are suited to growing in pots and have lots of colour to them. Annuals are great if you want to change the look of your containers every year because they only last one season. If you want to , but if you want to just plant once then get perennials. They go dormant every winter and will come back each year.

Choosing containers that are decorative and grouping them together in little arrangements around your yard will help improve their visual appeal too. Try using different sizes with different colors to really make your space pop!

3. Create a Family Fun Zone

Our kids so much time indoors in front of screens. Mine become little zombies if I let them spend too much time watching tv or playing on their tablets. They may moan and groan with it’s time to turn them off.

If you’d like your children to spend more time outdoors, but don’t know how to encourage them, a family fun zone may work. This can include anything that engages your children with the outdoors in some way. A family fun zone is an easy garden idea that you can let them help plan.

girls making a fairy garden

You could put a herb garden, fairy garden or even a wildlife hotel made from bits of wood. Children’s outdoor kitchens, chalkboards and play dens could keep the little ones amused and help with their creativity. If your children have lots of energy to burn off, perhaps some outdoor activity equipment would be useful too.

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