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You may have noticed that the My Mommy Style YouTube channel was on a little break, but we are back and ready with episodes coming every Monday at 2:00! It was such a pleasure to interview Whitney and have her share with us her journey of becoming a Mother as well as the passions that keep her motivated and happy. There is so much that we can learn from each other and we are just so thrilled to introduce to you all of these ladies that have agreed to sit down with us and share with us what makes them WHO they are and WHY.  My Mommy Style was chosen as our name because we wanted to share with everyone different styles and ways of being a Mother. It isn’t all about one size fits all, and there are hard days, beautiful days, and rewarding days. We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we have enjoyed getting to know these women on a deeper level.

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I am super excited and feel very honored to be over here at My Mommy Style today. From day one of me meeting these girls I have looked up to them and am in awe of everything they can do. I love how real they are and that I can relate to their lives and stories. I have had the privilege of hanging out with some of them and they are the most down to earth sweet ladies that I feel lucky to call my friends. As I was at one of their houses filming, first of all I was so nervous and they calmed me right down. Then after the filming we were just talking and I burst into tears, you know just the life stuff and stresses and that day was one I just couldn’t hide my feelings and they just stepped right up, gave me advice, gave lots of hugs, let me cry to them, and even sent me with some amazing chocolate chip cookies. I love you girls and I am so thankful you let me be apart of this and contribute to your wonderful blog today.

I am Whitney and I am the writer and owner of the lifestyle and fitness blog, A Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow. Like I said I am a lifestyle blog meaning I kinda just blog about life and everything that I enjoy to do and share. My main passion and topic is fitness, I also share fashion, DIY, crafts and sometimes recipes. I am a mom to my two little men, and despite being surrounded by all things boy in my house I am a girlie girl, love sparkles, heels and the color yellow. A tiny bit about me is I am outgoing when you get to know me, but am shy and awkward when you don’t, I love to clean and find it therapeutic, I am a home body, Music speak to my soul and I would listen to it all day if I could,  I love to sleep in and so do my kids, I am a night owl, I love to be around people and crowds, I love cupcakes well all desserts actually, Disneyland is one of my favorite places, I dream of going to Hawaii, I wear my emotions on my sleeves, and I love to care for and spoil my friends and family.

Another huge part of me is fitness, It has been a part of my life since I can remember. I danced when I was little, then found my passion of gymnastics when I was eight and competed and trained 20 hours a week until I was 18. My dream was to be a college gymnast but unfortunately fractured my lower back my senior year. I stayed involved in gymnastics through coaching but struggled with finding something else to do to keep active. Through the years I would go to the gym, and even found that I loved running. I ran for many years and ran some races including three half marathons. In 2013 I was introduced to crossfit by my brother and well my life with never be the same, I am in love. We did it in our crossfit garage gym for a few months and then I found a gym that I fell in love with and never looked back. I am now training at Crossfit Kimokeo in Kaysville, competed in the 2013 Open, SLC Friday Night Lights and will be competing again next month. I have huge goals in this sport and I am enjoying the journey while helping other moms out there to be able to find their passion in fitness through my blog. I share workouts that busy moms can do from home and have been doing this for just over a year now.

Today I am super excited to be sharing with you one of my at home workouts. I love this one because the kids can easily come along, have fun and it is over in 40 minutes. You get cardio and your strength in and it can be done when ever you can fit those 40 minutes in in your busy day. I love the saying it isn’t about find the time to workout, it is about making the time. I love that because us as moms have a hard time taking time for ourselves, and when we do we feel guilty but I am here to tell you right now you are worth it. You can take that 1/2 hour to one hour a day to better yourself, because when you do it clears your mind, puts thing in perspective, gives you a sense of renewal and helps you to be a better mom. so now that I have made that all clear lets get started. There is no equipment needed, except you and your kids if you have any.

Let’s take a closer look at each exercise and break it all down before we get started….


For the warm up, since there will be a lot of walking you are just going to do some stretches on your own

A TABATA is a short 4 minute workout of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest and repeat until the 8 rounds are up. This can be any skill you are wanting to work on. If you are doing two skills you will do 4 minutes of one and then 4 minutes of the other. For this workout we are just working on one.
Burpees– Start in a standing position, bend down to a squat with your hands on the ground, push your feet back into a push up position, go down into a push up, come back up to push up top position, bring your legs back into the squat and stand straight up with a jump and hands over head at the end. 
Your workout is going to be a family walk/jog. Depending on your level of fitness or what you are feeling that day this can either be a brisk walk or a jog with your family. Now to make it a little more challenging and make you sweat a little harder you are going to do a different exercise/skill every 5 minutes. 


After you have walked/jogged 5 minutes you are going to stop right where you are and you are going to do 40 weighted lunges. To add weight you are just going to put one of your kids or a weighted backpack on your back while you do them.

Weighted lunge– Start straight up then go down into a lunge with your chest up, your knees bent to a 90 degree angle and your hips and shoulders in a straight line, then push back up to a standing position, switch to the other leg and then repeat.

Run your second 5 minute and then stop and do 30 jumping squats.

Jumping Squat– Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Before you do the squat it is important that when you are squatting down to keep your torso vertical, your weight on your heels, knees push out- tracking over the feet. Then when you squat down you will keep your eyes forward and slightly up, your arms out for balance, and squat down until the crease of your hips are at or below your knee, squeeze your abs in,  keeping a good lumbar curve and chest up, then stand back up and jump and repeat.

After another 5 minute walk/ run you will do 20 elevated pushups

Elevated push ups– You will put your feet up on a curb or stair. On your hands and toes, core tight bum tucked under and hips in a line. Go down to chest on the ground and push back up.  Make sure your elbow are tucked into your sides as you bend them and not out to the sides. You want your elbow pointing back. 

Another 5 minutes and you will do 25 situps

Crossfit situps– This is pretty much just like any other sit up but you are going to bend your knees, open your hips and put the bottoms of your feet together in a butterfly position like the picture above then you will proceed with the sit up until you touch the ground in front of your toes.  Lay back and bring yours arms above your head, then using your abs and pulling your back down to the mat sit up, lay back down and repeat.

5 more minues walk/ run and then you will do a 1 minute wall sit.

Wall sit- With your back up against a wall, or pole you will sit until you are in the position of a chair. You want your legs to be bent to a 90 degree angle. Your feet are shoulder width apart and your cheast is up with your arms to your side, in front of you or above your head.

Once your 1 minute wall sit hold is over you will end your workout with your last 5 minutes of walking or jogging. And there you have with the walking and strength about a 40 minute workout that is sure to make you work hard and sweat that your kids can enjoy with you.

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