M.E. – Mother Empowerment

This week was beautiful.  In so many ways it changed my life.  Without going into too much detail yet, I wanted to at least welcome you to our first, of many, installments of M.E. – Mother Empowerment! But first, a picture of the man behind Kid Labs – where this life changing event happened.

When I think of John Hansen, I think of HEART.  His heart is big, so big in fact – he had to renovate a whole warehouse to fit it in.  He is first, a dad.  He loves his son Chase, more than anything.  He says he put this event together for Mother’s Day, and I believe him – but at the base of this decision, was his love and devotion for his son.  He wants Chase to grow up in a world of love – and the way he believes this can happen, is to support Moms and Dads.  Because of this goal, he has created a community of volunteers that have come together to support this vision.  And guess what?  It’s working, and working in a big way.  We will share LOTS more about Kid Labs and why we are all involved, but today is about the Mother’s that we are honoring.  Thank you John.  Thanks for being a visionary, leader, and HERO!

john hansen of Kid Labs

I’ve often thought that if we knew exactly what we were walking into each day, we may never be able to get out of bed.  Sometimes the day holds excitement, great memories and fun – and other times, well, it doesn’t.  Luckily for me, this week was a blessing.  It was a reminder of why I do what I do, everyday – why I choose to be a Mother.

I visited Kid Labs, and watched countless women come in to be pampered.  I  got to meet them, hear their stories and feel of their beautiful spirit.  I was able to watch them hug their kids, talk about their love for them and tell stories that both broke my heart, made me smile, and strengthened me – all at the same time.

More than anything, I was reminded once again, of the reasons I love women – and especially today – Mothers.  So, instead of waking up today feeling like a failure, like Mother’s Day can sometimes do to you, I woke up feeling full.  I was uplifted by the super hero women, all around me, that perform miracles in their families lives each and every day.  It’s amazing how we are all working to do the same kinds of things, yet we can feel so alone.  We need each other.  We need to rely on our friends and family.  We need to trust those around us, so that we have a support system when things get hard, AND when good things happen.

Mother’s Day is so much more than a woman that has children – it’s any woman that “Mothers” in any way.  Whether it’s a biological child, a friends child, grandkids, student or whatever – it’s still a “Mother”.  Mothers take care and nurture those around them.  SO, from myself, my friends at Kid Labs, and all of the wonderful artists that donated their time for this amazing tribute to women – THANK YOU.  We HONOR you and you SERVED us more than we served you.  By being YOU, you made us BETTER.

But First, a BIG thank you to all of the people that made this project possible!

Anchor Partners and Sponsors:  Terah Rae Taylor Productions,  Girl Scouts of America, My Mommy Style – Janae Moss (john made me write us down)

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Welcome to the first installment of M.E. – MOTHER EMPOWERMENT – We will have many more installments of M.E. We will share lots more stories with you this week on My Mommy Style, but first, I will start with my own mother!





My Mom is My Hero.

When I think of my own Mother, I can’t help but think of our blue Subaru.  Why you ask? Because we spent more hours in that car than I could even begin to count.  I am a busy adult, but my affinity for filling my time to the max, started when I was young.  We drove to violin lessons, dance lessons, singing lessons, and sewing lessons. We drove together to go snow skiing, water skiing, and on countless road trips.  We drove all over the city, state, and country – but most importantly – we spent time in the car.

In that car, my mom taught me to love music.  Classical music, Old Classic Rock, Musicals, the Fiddle, and the Oldies.  She taught me to love story telling, by books on tape.  Through her beautiful singing voice, I learned to fill the spirit – the spirit of love that she had for her Heavenly Father, and for me.  My mom never lectured, but she did sing her testimony into my soul, which was much more powerful to me.

I remember watching her eyes as a child.  As you can see from the pictures above, they are beautiful and within them was strength.  I learned compassion as I saw the love in her eyes for her family.  I understood her depth of soul, from the quiet way she supported all of the kids.  I learned the importance of a deep laughter, when I saw tears escape her bright blue eyes, when she couldn’t contain her amusement.  I learned hard work, as I watched the intent way she concentrated on her project at hand – whether it be sewing clothing, making porcelain dolls, ceramics, baby blankets,  and countless other projects for loved ones.  I learned the importance of keeping things in my life that fill the soul and bring happiness, as I watched her eyes light up when she water-skied for 13 miles across Palisades reservoir, when she was 60 years old, jumped on her horse for a ride in the mountains, snow boarded down the ski slope or held a grand child, and read them a good book.

Indeed, her eyes are the windows to her soul, and I feel eternally blessed to have had such and amazing example.  I wouldn’t be who I am today, without her.  Sometimes, she doesn’t see what things she did to help create the woman that I am today, because I am a lot like my dad in personality, but really – she is woven into everything I am – just like the beautiful and intricate needles stitches in the wall murals she gives me – she’s influenced every aspect of my soul, and isn’t that what a mother is?  They encourage us to be who we are, and give the best of what they have to create a beautiful collage of both of ourselves.

Thank you Mom.

I love you.






janae moss and camille walker of mymommystyle.com



We’d love to hear why you love and honor your Mother, or the women that supported you in your life.  Comment below, and share!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • Camille

    I couldn’t agree more! We are so lucky.ReplyCancel

  • RaNae

    Just beautiful, Janae! You captured the essence of your mom with your tender words. She has been there for me, too, and I love her SO much! Happy Mothers Day to all of you and keep doing all these great things of your own free will and choice!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Ranae and Camille! I love you both. camille and I are lucky to have such amazing leader women in our family!ReplyCancel


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