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I am so excited to share with you all Jackson’s LEGO MOVIE birthday party. I wanted to add something personal to the “goodie” bags that the kids would be going home with and decided to make my own LEGO brick and LEGO figurine crayons! There are etsy stores that sell them in packs if you don’t want to bother making them yourself, but I thought it would be fun to be able to make LEGO ice cubes, LEGO chocolates, or LEGO crayons.

Honestly they were so easy to make and when you can buy both molds for less than $10 from Amazon, I figured why not.

One of the things that takes the longest is unwrapping all of the crayons. I bought three jumbo boxes of crayons from the dollar store and was able to make enough crayons for 13 guests. Each kid was able to have 3 figurines and 2 bricks. The bricks do take more crayon so if you want them thicker/thinner you could make more or less. The dollar store crayons are more waxy than crayola crayons which in this case made for great figurines but they don’t color extremely well. I figure this isn’t that big of a deal because I would rather have a figurine that forms well and it didn’t cost a fortune to make them for the party guests. Party favors for 13 kids for less than $15. SOLD.

What You Will Need:


Lego Molds

Bakers Cups

Muffin Tin


What to do:

Unwrap Crayons and break them into small pieces for a quicker and more even melt


Preheat oven to 275 F or 350 F depending on brand of crayon

Baking Cups

Melt Crayons for 3-5 minutes

Pour into molds 

Let dry for 10 minutes

Pop out figurines while they are still warm to avoid popping off the head

Let cool completely before using

Lego Party and Crayon making 007

Lego Party and Crayon making 010

Lego Party and Crayon making 008

I read a few ideas about using Tuna cans or soup cans to melt your crayons in but didn’t have enough for all of my colors. I also read about making them in a microwave…after a few different attempts this is what I found to be best. I was lucky enough to have muffin baking cups in my pantry that I bought from Pick Your Plum that were absolutely perfect. I could do multiple colors and could even pour the melted wax almost immediately after having them out of the oven. **Be very careful not to burn yourself

***You can see in the picture above that the wax in the brick mold are bubbly. I was experimenting with a different brand of crayon and found that the temperature of 350 F was too high. So depending on which brand of crayon you are using you may need to adjust the temperature.

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And that’s it! The kids absolutely LOVED them! Stay tuned for the whole LEGO MOVIE birthday party soon!

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  • Julie

    I find a quick slice down the side opens up the paper and and then soak in water if the paper is being stubborn. Since you are melting the crayon it does not have to stay pretty.ReplyCancel


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