Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Gifts

Having been around for over ten years now, Minecraft the game is older than many of its players. Longevity like that tells you that it is here to stay. And with that kind of popularity comes a lot of great merchandise and gift ideas. This handy guide of Minecraft gifts will help you pick the perfect present for the Minecrafter in your life.

Minecraft LEGO sets

For a game based all around building things, you might think that LEGO is a perfect fit. And you’d be right. Minecraft LEGO sets are incredibly popular, and new ones are being released regularly. The following is a nice variety across the range of Minecraft LEGO sets. 

  • Build a LEGO Minecraft jungle tree house with modular sections that you can rearrange!

Foxes in Minecraft quickly grew in popularity after their release in-game. Mischievous little critters that will steal things when given the chance, they are hard to bring to your home. That is, unless you get the LEGO Minecraft The Fox Lodge Building Kit and Toy House Playset. Build a house modeled after the fox for the included character, and some fox friends.

The oceans are a popular biome in Minecraft, and received a massive update in 2018 bringing lots of new things. Most imposing on that list is the Guardian and Elder Guardian.The LEGO Minecraft The Guardian Battle Building Kit lets your little crafter relive the excitement of discovering an Ocean Monument and fighting against the difficult enemies within. Also includes a Glow Squid, winner of the 2020 Mob Vote, as well as three of the adorable fan-favorite axolotls.

The next set up is a LEGO original. LEGO Minecraft The Ice Castle Building Toy Set isn’t something drawn directly from the game, but plenty of players have tackled the task of building an ice castle within Minecraft. The LEGO set captures the spirit of a good Minecraft location, and one could see it appearing in the game easily. Minecraft fans will love the all-new adventures they can have in this set.

The great thing about Minecraft is that it isn’t only crazy adventures in outlandish locations. Players can do as they wish. Start a farm, for example. And what is a farm if it doesn’t have a good barn? The LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn is a perfect example of the vast variety of things that a Minecrafter can do, if they feel like it. The set includes cows, a horse, and a baby zombie riding a chicken; all straight from the game.

And no list of Minecraft gear would be complete without the most recognizable creature from the entire game. Minecraft is full of memorable enemies, but none embody the game more than the iconic Creeper. And the LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine Building Kit incorporates the Creeper into one of the titular mines. This play-set includes multiple characters, hostiles, and animals. It’s a great representation of what Minecraft is all about.

Minecraft Bedroom Decor

One of the greatest things about Minecraft is how well the art style lends itself to decor. There are all sorts of examples of Minecraft decor, and you’re sure to find some Minecraft gifts that appeal to you, but will make the Minecraft fan in your life happy as well.

The first item on the list is maybe the best idea for a lamp, ever. The Minecraft Block Building Lamp is a modular lamp that includes a base as well as 16 blocks, based on various types of blocks, or building pieces, in the game. Where this moves to the next level is that all 16 blocks are separate, and can be taken apart and stacked as you please; but they all light up when attached to the base or to another block. The base is four blocks wide, so you can make anything from four 4-block towers, to one giant 16-block-high stack. The blocks all snap to the base or to each other for stability, and light up once snapped in. Not too bright, this makes an excellent night light. This lamp definitely tops the list of Minecraft gifts.

While Minecraft fits all sorts of decor, some items just seem to lend themselves to the theme. Items such as cubic storage bins. That’s right, the Minecraft 10-Inch Storage Set includes a Creeper head, as well as 3 classic blocks: TNT, Grass, and the Crafting Table. Plus, it adds storage functionality. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Speaking of decor that doubles as storage, your Minecrafter needs someplace to keep their Creeper Hoodie. And this inventive solution to that problem is patterned after the diamond tools in Minecraft. 

Minecraft room Decor

The Minecraft Diamond Tool Wall Coat Hooks has three hooks patterned after three diamond tools from the game; the diamond pickaxe, shovel, and sword. Easy to hang on the wall, the hooks support up to 11 pounds each. Perfect for coats, jackets, hoodies, etc. 

The lampshade is a TNT block, and the pull chain is a creeper. Plus, the bulb is a bright LED bulb, included with the lamp. Great for some light reading before bed.

And what better way to go to bed than with the Minecraft Creeper 5 Piece Full Bed Set? It includes a reversible comforter, two pillow cases, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. All Minecraft themed, and very Creeper-centric, this set will send your Minecrafter off to sleep, dreaming of new builds to make tomorrow.

Minecraft Dress Up

One thing about Minecraft is that it tends to spill out into the real world. Take your kids to enough playgrounds, and you’re sure to see some children playing “Minecraft” on the playground equipment. Give that play a boost with these Minecraft gifts for dress up. Or get a jump on a Halloween costume.

Since there are a lot of dangers in Minecraft, having a proper weapon is essential. And few are more handy to have around than the classic Minecraft diamond sword. One of the best weapons in the game, it usually takes some doing to create one. But once you do, it’s going to be your workhorse in many battles to come. 

The Disguise Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory is modeled after this same weapon, but made of much safer plastic. It can still fuel imaginations though, just like if it were the real article.

It isn’t all about weapons. A good defense is crucial, too. And while diamond armor would be effectively useless in real life, in the Minecraft world it affords some of the best protection you can get. Help your child be the envy of their friend group when they sport a full set of diamond armor with this Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe Child Costume

Of course, if everyone plays the hero, then the game won’t stay interesting for too long. Somebody has to be the bad guy. Luckily, with bad guys like the Creeper, it shouldn’t be hard to find a willing participant. Help that little creeper really sell the villain role with this Disguise Inc – Minecraft Creeper Vacuform Child Mask.

Since Minecraft isn’t only about fighting monsters, a good tool is quite handy, as well. Not only is the diamond axe great for collecting wood from trees, it doubles as a decent weapon as well. Add some variety to the Minecraft play with this ThinkGeek Minecraft Diamond Axe.

And of course, no list of Minecraft dress up would be complete without the classic Creeper hoodie. And this Minecraft Boys Black and Green Creeper Face Official Sweatshirt isn’t just a costume piece. It could be worn during everyday activities, or to playact like the explosive monster from the game. Plus it has the standard mottled green creeper texture, but there are small creeper faces buried within the pattern as well.

Minecraft Toys

Of course, live-action imagined play isn’t the only way to play Minecraft outside of a computer or console. Toys make great Minecraft gifts for kids, and there are some really high-quality ones out there.

First off we bring in another classic minecraft threat from the Nether in the form of the Ghast. This Fireball Ghast Figure with 10 Shooting Discs is sure to be a hit. Possibly literally, since it shoots disc “fireballs” out of its mouth. The eyes and mouth also turn red, realistic to the in-game beastie. 

Speaking of baddies, no Minecraft rogue’s gallery would be complete without the massive, imposing Ender Dragon. The first proper boss monster added to the game, the Ender Dragon is another one of the most recognizable video game enemies out there. This Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon Figure set includes the dragon and his main adversary, the player character, who is named Steve. The set also has a breath attack that consists of light and sound.

Then of course, you can just go with the mixed bag of Minecraft characters and baddies as well. The 16PK Gaming Action Figures Building Toys contains three player characters, several neutral/friendly creatures, and multiple enemies as well. 

Now, these characters can add up in cost quickly. So while this set isn’t totally licensed by either Mojang (who makes Minecraft) or LEGO (who makes building bricks), these do look suspiciously compatible with LEGO. And any Minecraft fan will have no trouble telling who each of these characters is.

Minecraft Plushes

Our last category brings together several of the previous ones which makes them perfect Minecraft gifts. These are toys, and can be used for make-believe, but also work as decor items as well. They are Minecraft plush toys.

As mentioned earlier, the Axolotl is one of the most popular animals in Minecraft. These feisty little ones are usually found underwater. But they can just as easily head for land, when necessary. Once tamed, they will even fight for you. 

Most players love the Axlotol, and would jump at the chance to have one to keep. Make that dream come true with the Minecraft Plush Plush Stuffed Toy Soft Throw Pillow.

Next up we have the return of the fox, another very popular animal from the game. The Minecraft Fox Plush gives you your own adorable fox to hug when sleepy. Or just to play with.

And seeing as there are all sorts of creatures in the game, collecting them can get expensive. But the Minecraft Plush Creeper, Baby Pig, Baby Wolf, Enderman Plush Toys pack contains four different animals, and is sure to be a hit. You could give them all to one child, or split it up between four different children. 

Minecraft Gifts

And there we have it; a wide range of Minecraft gifts for boys and girls to support a wide range of budgets, and different ages. There are plenty of Minecraft gift ideas out there, so hopefully this gift guide helped to narrow down the field a bit, while still showing off plenty of different options.

If you’re looking for Minecraft books, this is the perfect list!

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