How to Make Reality TV fun

My husband and I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance since season 2 when Benji Schwimmer was on the show. We lived in California at the time and went to see a live taping of the show, and it didn’t hurt that my husband knew Benji, and that he is also named Benji. We like when cool, quirky people make the name Benji cool.

For the past few years, to make SYTYCD even better and more fun to watch, my husband and I have held a dancer draft. Right after they announce the top 20 dancers we take turns picking our favorites and those dancers become our team. It makes the show more competitive and it’s exciting to cheer the dancers on. Go Team!

Now they choose a boy and a girl winner, so we have to first choose one gender, and then the other. Last year my husband won, twice. I HAVE to win this year!

This doesn’t just have to be a fun thing for SYTYCD, hold a draft for any reality game show–The Voice, American Idol, Master Chef, Project Runway, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor (is that show still around), The Amazing Race (is that show still around), Big Brother (uhhh…is that show around, I don’t watch much tv, if you can’t tell!)–you get the idea!

Are you watching SYTYCD? Who are you cheering for?






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  • I have also been watching since season 2. I love this show so much it’s insane. This year is so strange! I love so many of the contestants. The only one I am truly not fond of is Jade. He seems too cocky for me. I had to vote for 9 people on Tuesday. I hope they all make it!ReplyCancel

  • First of all, of course the amazing race is still on. Come on now! haha. We watch that show religiously. Mostly because it’s the only show on a day we have time for tv. But with sytycd. I think Fikshun is the best hip hop dancer+ performer they have ever had on the show.ReplyCancel


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