How to do your own Gel nails at home

Good morning MMS friends.  Today I am posting my very first EVER vlog!! Yikes! I actually did two on the same day, so you’ll be seeing my next vlog next Wednesday the 26th over at Fry Sauce and Grits (which is just a fantastic new blog by two beautiful sisters you should definitely check out!)

Just as a recap of the vid, when doing your own gel nails from home, you’ll need:

UV light or an LED9G light (LED is MUCH faster)

Soak off gel polish: Base coat, Top Coat and color of choice



*ph bond nail prep (not an absolute necessity, but useful in drying out nails to help gel adhere)

cotton balls

orange sticks

and the usual nail prep tools: nail file, trimmer, something to push back cuticles etc.

**If you are using the structure gel, then you’ll also need that and a brush to paint it on

Application instructions:

**IF YOU DO NOT want to do the STRUCTURE GEL, skip steps 9-10

  1. Sanitize hands
  2. Gently push back cuticles from nail bed
  3. Shape and smooth the edge of your nails
  4. Gently buff the entire nail surface to remove the shine
  5. Remove the nail dust and clean the entire nail with a cotton ball and acetone
  6. Apply a very sparing amount of the ph bond
  7. Apply your GEL BASE COAT; keep the coat THIN and seal/cap the outer edge.  Be sure to check cuticles and remove any base gel that may have contacted the skin before placing hands under light.
  8. Place in UV LIGHT  for 30 seconds-1 min. *If using the LED 9G LIGHT then 10 seconds
  9. **Apply THIN coat of STRUCTURE GEL; start at center with brush parallel to nail and work your way out, be sure to seal/cap the free edge. Again, check all the cuticle area to make sure the gel did not come into contact with it, and remove any that did with your orange stick. PUT THE LID BACK ON your STRUCTURE GEL and cleanse your brush with alcohol and a cotton ball
  10. Place in UV LIGHT for 3 minutes *LED for 30 seconds (*repeat steps 9 and 10 for added strength)
  11. Apply THIN coat of GEL POLISH, again, start at center and work your way to edges, cap/seal the free edge; clear cuticle area
  12. Place in UV LIGHT for 2 minutes *LED for 30 seconds
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12
  14. Apply THIN coat of GEL TOP COAT; seal/cap outer edge and check cuticle area
  15. Place in UV LIGHT for 3 minutes *LED for 30 seconds
  16. Take a cotton ball and alcohol and wipe off the sticky residue.
  17. Condition with cuticle oil
  18. ENJOY beautiful nails for the next 2 weeks!!

And to remove:

  1. Gently file the surface of the GEL TOP COAT to break the seal and remove shine
  2. Saturate a cotton wool or cosmetic pad with ACETONE and apply to the top of the nail surface.
  3. Wrap snugly in foil (I use cut tin foil) and allow to sit for 10 MINUTES
  4. Securely grip each foil wrap and use a twisting motion to firmly pull the wrap from 1 nail at a time. If a significant amount of product remains rewrap the nail and allow the acetone to penetrate a few more minutes
  5. Gently slide any residual product from the nail using an orange stick
  6. If you are NOT reapplying GEL use a BUFFER to lightly smooth the nail surface.
  7. Condition the nail and surrounding skin with cuticle oil

Please comment if you have any questions!!



  1. Condition the surrounding skin with NOURISH Cuticle oil.
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  • Great post! It will be definitely helpful! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Hi! ok, so you may not know the answer to this question, but I bought all this stuff for myself abut six months ago when going to the salon every two weeks was getting too expensive. Anyway, they were lasting pretty good for me, but now when I do them, the fingernails are popping off within just a day or two. Is there something I am doing wrong?ReplyCancel


    hi Madam

    Why does my gel only stay for twee days?
    Should i apply coats of gel and than the colour gel
    Please help me sort out this problems please


    • Cassia Denton

      The most likely reason is that the gel isn’t properly adhering to your nail beds. This probably means that you haven’t roughed up your nails enough. Make sure you have gently removed all of the shine from your entire nail bed before you begin applying the gel. Then, to clean it out, use alcohol. It will remove the nail dust without leaving anything on the nail, so it’s still dry.

      The second possible reason is that you may be layering the gel on too thick. The thinner the better. Make sure you clear out the area between your cuticle and your nails every time you apply a new layer AND before you cure it. If it seals to your cuticle and not your nails, it pops up so dang quick.

      Hopefully one of those things does the trick for you!! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • I love this blog. Informative and very cute.ReplyCancel


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