How to become a photographer in a hurry!

Have you ever wanted to learn to be a photographer?  Maybe you feel like you have an eye for it, but you lack the know-how (and likely the right equipment 🙂 ).  There is nothing like shooting a wedding that will help you learn in a hurry!! (ps: Paper Moon Images is me!! xox)

When I was young, I often got some beautiful shots! Totally by accident of course!  Technically speaking, I had no clue what I was doing with my settings, and even though I often thought I was setting up for a great shot, the image came out boring or slight disproportionate and usually under or over exposed.  I really didn’t understand what makes a great image and HOW to get it.

So, I decided to buy a 50mm lens with the 1.8f aperture and got to shooting! A LOT!!  I threw my camera into manual mode and spent an entire weekend photographing everything in sight.  I would shoot from every angle, at every aperture and every shutter speed, testing out what truly worked best.  I shot in the bright sun as well as the dark insides of my little apartment.  I have about 100,000 HORRIBLE shots from that weekend, and a couple decent ones.  After a couple years of dabbling in photography before that, I finally was understanding what was going on…a little.  But I definitely couldn’t work fast, and that was a problem.

I set out to find some wedding photographers who wouldn’t mind letting me tag along and be their “second shooter” (I know you can’t see my hands, but they’re in mock quotations, since I was a TERRIBLE photographer, and it wasn’t likely that any of my images would have been used, but you get the gist. lol).  It was so awesome seeing how a truly great photographer worked; I was in awe of how fast their fingers flew over their settings.  It was daunting to fathom ever getting to the point where altering the settings mid shot could be so comfortable; almost second nature.

Weddings are the perfect place to learn because everything is fast paced and the lighting changes drastically and quickly!  You have to learn to move and think quickly.

I found a couple more photographers who let me shadow them and started getting some semi-decent images, but more importantly, they were on purpose this time.  I actually even got myself a little side-job working as a second shooter for a photographer.  It was great, and I was learning so fast!

Once I finally got comfortable with my camera, I built up my own little business in Logan Utah, it wasn’t big, but it paid for a trip with the hubbs to Europe!  (Since then, I’ve moved like a 1,000 times ~thanks to the US Army~ and have had to re-build my business everywhere I’ve gone.)   The last 4 months that I was working on photography full time (prior to having my twin babies), I profited over $30,000.  Which isn’t bad considering overhead and the fact that I built my business in just 1 year.  My point isn’t to boast (and to many, $30K in 4months is nothin’!), but rather to show that it can be done!

After talking with quite a few friends and blogging acquaintances, I’ve had many people ask me how to be a stay at home mommy AND bring in a little play money on the side. So,  I am happy to tell you that I am putting together an ebook and a short online class in the near future which will give you everything I’ve learned so you can grow your own in-home photography business too.  Are you excited!?

So, get yourself the 50mm 1.8 lens because it’s generally pretty affordable, and it has a LOT more capabilities than the standard lenses that come with your DSLR and begin shooting, A LOT!  Get your shot the way you like it, then change your angle and shoot some more; that’s the only way to really figure out what you love!  Set it on manual mode and really figure out your camera.  You’ll be glad you did! Then find a photographer who won’t mind letting you tag along and learn a whole lot more!


In the meantime, I will be sharing some of my favorite photo shoots with you all through out the coming weeks; I hope you enjoy!


This first may be a bit biased, but it’s my handsome little brother and his beautiful wife, Morgan and Ariana.  Ariana has actually since become a Model and Actress and you should absolutely check out her page! Click on the photo below (it’s not my image, though I’d love to claim it lol)


Here are a few of my own:


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  • Love it!! And you are a great photographer too… Thanks for the link to Ari’s page too 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Camille Walker

    Gorgeous Cassia! I am so inspired by your work. You really are so talented!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Hi!!! I found your website via pinterest! I was wondering did you ever come out with an e-book or the short class? I have been looking around but didnt find anything so I Thought I would ask. Thanks!!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately Cassia is no longer writing with us and at the time we didn’t get enough interest in the ebook so it didn’t happen. Thanks for stopping by~ReplyCancel


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