Top 5 tips for Taking the Stress out of your Photography session: White Dandelion Photography + a GIVEAWAY!


We are so exciting to share these tips on taking the stress out of your photography session! I am sure you have already noticed that our site got a little face lift? We have been DYING to get some new pictures done that actually featured us on the site with our actual children! I think we had the stock images up for over six months, so it was definitely TIME! Taking pictures of a group this large requires a LOT of talent and we were really hoping to get beautiful pictures, but at the same time show that we are a little crazy and are surrounded by the craziness that 13 children bring.


We knew we had found just the right combination when we had Jessica Weyerts with White Dandelion Photography take our photos for us. She was so much fun to shoot with and kept the situation fun and upbeat even though there was a lot to get done. My little Jayne had missed her nap that day and was in tears and Jessica was able to still pull off some stunning photography. The best part is she is giving away a free MINI session worth $150 and for the first five people that book a mini session you will receive $50 off your shoot!

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Meet Jessica:

Why do you love photography? 

 When my first baby was born, I was so sad and surprised how quickly she was growing. I know everyone tells ya that they grow fast, but I never knew it would be THAT fast. I wanted to preserve as many moments as I could while she was tiny. I realized what a blessing it is to be able to freeze time. That is when my real love for photography was born. I wanted to capture moments for others to preserve their memories and document their lives. 

When did you start?

 This October marks the 6th year of my business. I spent a year prior learning, taking classes, and building my portfolio.

What is your favorite photography to do?

I love families, especially extended families. I love to see the interactions between siblings, grandparents, grandchildren. I enjoy putting on a show and making a fool if need be for those smiles. It is also important to me to create a memory for the whole group.

What are your passions in life as a woman/wife/mother?

I think sometimes we can lose ourselves in the role of motherhood. It is important to me to raise my children by example. What greater way to teach our kids to be productive, happy, and healthy than to lose yourself in helping others? In my photography business, I have the opportunity to help others by building confidence, finding beauty that others don’t see in themselves, and documenting special life changing moments. I also work in the veterinary field helping others by helping their pets. (I wear more than a few hats) I believe if you help others, you find your own purpose allowing you to help more and more people.


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Here are my top 5 tips for Taking the Stress out of your Photography session 

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate : 

When scheduling your session, make sure you discuss your expectations with the photographer. If you have poses you specifically want, groupings, etc make sure your photographer knows. It also helps if you share a little about your family. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorites of each child, anything that can be used to get a laugh or snicker from your child in the moment because they are surprised the photographer knows about them.

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2. Preparation : Try your outfits on before the session to make sure everything fits. Drive to the location or meeting place so that you don’t get lost on the way and you know exactly how long it will take you. This will also allow you to arrive on time or early to the session. As a natural light photographer, I prefer to shoot approximately 2 hours prior to sunset….which often happens to be dinner time. Make sure bellies are all fed prior to. Hangry kids and photo sessions do not mix well. Neither do tired kiddos. Try not to schedule during nap times or too close to bed time if it can be avoided. 
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3. Create a memory : 

Your attitude about the session as the parent will spill over to your children. If you are anxious, they will be as well. Instead of the dread of the family photo shoot, plan something to make the kids excited about it!  A trip to the ice cream store, dollar store, candy store, a post session activity will make all the difference. Mark it on your calendar and get your family excited as you would for an upcoming vacation.
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4. Relax : Trust your photographer. 

You also want to make sure to look good in the image (lets be honest, if mamma doesn’t like her self in the image, nothing else really matters) so let the photographer be the one to call your kiddos name and get their attention. I can’t tell you how many times the kiddos are looking and smiling but a parent is looking down talking to their child. Can you imagine being small with an NBA team all towering over you calling your name? It can be intimidating to little ones. A good photographer will take the time to connect with your child and get the great smiles you want. 
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5. It is an Art : When selecting a photographer, it is important to look and their work and style. Make sure it is what you like and want. Each has their own unique beauty and talent. As a photographer, I want your session to be unique to you. I don’t want to give you exactly what the Smiths down the street have. Because you aren’t the Smiths. Trust the process and allow the photographer to capture the beauty that you may not see in the moment. All will turn out and in the end, you will have your family frozen in time forever more. That is the most important part.

Now for the exciting part! We would love for one of our readers to win a free photography session! Please enter the rafflecopter below. Be patient with it as it does take some time to load. Also, if you don’t want to leave it up for chance, the first 5 people to book a session with Jessica will get $50 off! GOOD LUCK! We will announce the winner in a week!


Looking for more? White Dandelion official Website. Facebook. Instagram.

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