Homemade marble run

I’m a Cub Scout Den leader and this month in  we have been talking about resourcefulness. One week we made robots out of recycled materials to decorate for our Blue and Gold Banquet. They were really easy to make, we just used a glue gun to hold everything together. My boys had a lot of fun helping me make these two:

It was fun to see my boys go through our recycling pile and figure out what would look good on their robots. They each had a different vision for what they wanted their robot to look like and I think they both turned out adorable.


Since I was already saving boxes, canisters, containers, and packages to make the robots I decided to make make marble runs with my boys this week.

The theme on the blog this week is “something green,” so I’m sharing a way to “go green,” and use something that would normally be thrown away and turn it into something fun.

What you need:

  • a sturdy piece of cardboard
  • glue gun or strong craft glue
  • empty (and clean) boxes, water bottles, yogurt containers, toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • marbles

Cut out your materials and glue on the cardboard. You may want to test out the marble run before gluing on the next piece just to make sure everything is in the right spot for the marble to fall through.

My son played with this all day. He was so mad at me when I wouldn’t let him bring it with us to the grocery store.

Since I’m talking about something green and marble runs I thought I would also show you this awesome thing I discovered this week. I found a great way to get my boys to eat peas! 🙂

Have you made anything fun with recycled materials? I want to see pictures! Post them on our Facebook page or tell me about it in the comments.

Have a great Wednesday!

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