Fun Ways to Decorate for Easter

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Easter is coming up and to celebrate this holiday you will likely want to decorate your home. While the Easter holiday does have a large tie to Christianity, there are also a lot of secular reasons that make this holiday fun. From the Easter Bunny to Easter egg hunts to the celebration of spring and new life, there are many themes you can use to add a festive air to your home. Here are a few suggestions for decorations you can either make or acquire to give your home a little Easter flare.


Easter table setting

Traditional Easter Theme

Eggs are an iconic part of Easter, as they represent new life which ties to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Decorating with eggs can be seen as both religious and secular, so no matter your preference, you can have some fun decorations around your house for the holiday.

Nests with Eggs: Buy or create nests where you can then display eggs around your house. These are great for the mantel, on window sills, and on bookshelves.

Branch Center Pieces: Create centerpieces that involve creating a small tree with branches and then decorating them with Easter eggs hung with ribbons.

Egg Wreath: Create a wreath for your front door using plastic eggs glued together in bunches. You can also use twigs and ribbons to intermingle with the eggs to add a little diversity to the wreath.

Egg Tree: Different than the branch centerpiece, this decoration is an actual tree (like a small version of a typical Christmas tree) that is then decorated with festive Easter eggs.

Easter Lights: At many stores, you can find strings of lights, such as those found at Christmas, in the shape of eggs, bunnies, and other Easter icons. These can be strung around the house in doorways, around windows, or wrapped around stair rails.

Egg Garland: Using plastic eggs, poke a hole in the top and bottom and then string them up together. Create a garland that can be hung in any number of places in the home. For more information on how to create a garland see this article.

Spring flowers. Colorful fresh spring tulips flowers in vase

Spring Theme

Easter is a great time to acknowledge the presence of spring, with its budding trees, colorful flowers, and new baby animals.

Fresh Flowers: Putting bright, colorful flowers in vases all around the house will liven up the previously dreary winter atmosphere and transform your home into a cheery, festive environment. You can also use candle stick holders to display single flowers here and there.

Candles or Spring Scents: Our memories are strongly tied to scents, so find ways to create a springlike atmosphere in your house with candles or scent sprays such as “fresh laundry”, “newly cut grass”, or “ocean breeze”.

Bunny Napkins: Look up fun and easy ways to fold your napkins into the shape of bunny rabbits. You can either do this just for your Easter dinner or teach your kids how to do it and have them set the table throughout the month with bunny napkins.

Decorate Planter Pots: Purchase small planter pots and some seeds. Allow your children to paint their pot in honor of Easter and give them a seed and soil to plant in their pot. Help them nourish their growing flower and by Easter, they should have a small flower they can add to the decorations.

Baby Animal Drawings: Another great way to get your kids involved in the Easter decorations is to ask them to draw pictures of their favorite baby animals. Proudly display them on the fridge, in frames on the walls, or in their bedrooms.

Bird Decorations: Whether it is statues of baby birds, paper birds you make and then hang from your ceiling or doorways, or sugar coated marshmallow chicks you buy seasonally, having these birds around the house can add to the springtime feel.


Whether you want a more traditional Easter or prefer to focus on the seasonal delights of spring, there are many ways you can dress up your house to celebrate this holiday. Get your family involved, make some decorations yourself, and make this Easter season a memorable one.

Author: Alyssa Craig

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