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I grew up in a house that didn’t have a lot of candy in it. We always received candy around the holidays, whether is was Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, but in general it wasn’t always in our house. If my parents bought a sugary cereal it was a special treat that was gobbled up much more quickly than our regular cheerios. I am thankful to my parents for this because we weren’t used to having dessert after every dinner and we didn’t crave sugar as much as I think we would have if it had been around all the time. Now don’t get me wrong, I love candy and I think there is a place for it…everyone knows that one friend who NEVER got candy and would inhale it any time he/she got out of the house and away from Mom/Dad and I don’t think that is a healthy balance either.

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle is all about balance. An 80/20 relationship that we can maintain through a lifetime to achieve overall health and wellness. 80% of the time we are on target and eating the things that fuel our body and 20% of the time it is okay to have a treat. In fact, with nutrition being a formal part of my education I loved when my professor said, “Never trust a dietitian that doesn’t eat ice cream.” As to say, there is a place for it, a healthy place for it, we just have to keep it in moderation.

If your kids are anything like mine they LOVE candy and it can often be one of the most motivating rewards I have to offer! I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a jar of M&M’s helped in a BIG way when it came to potty training my children. I don’t mind giving my children having candy, but I do know that I have to keep it in check for them as they would eat a bag full of M&M’s at any given moment if I let them! 🙂

Here are some healthier treat ideas that my children LOVE.

Cinnamon/sugar toast~I am laughing as I write this, because this literally was a go-to for me and my siblings. If we were in need of a sweet pick me up we would make a piece of toast, but a little butter on it and then sprinkle it with cinnamon/sugar. It isn’t the HEALTHIEST treat in the world, but it wasn’t a pop-tart either!

Fruit leather~ While a fruit snack isn’t a bad option, I love the health benefits fruit leather has to offer. Its like fruit by the foot but so much healthier.

Oranges/Apples~ I ALWAYS have a bowl full of fresh fruit that my children have access to all day. If they are hungry through the day they know that is my go to answer for what they can eat in between meals if they need a little pick me up. Want to make it sweeter? Dip the apples in some peanut butter or nutella!

Popcorn~You could pop the corn yourself as that would be the healthiest option, but popped corn is very low in calorie and arguably nutritious as compared to many candy alternatives.

Whole Grain Goldfish~ Goldfish are a staple in our house, but I have found that the Whole Grain variety adds a little extra nutrition with each bite.

SMARTCANDY~  This is the closest thing to candy that my kids have ever tried that made them think they were eating actual candy, but it comes loaded with so much added nutrition {Vitamins A, B, and C}! This treat will actually aid your child with their immune system, eyes, and sustained energy levels. Woo Hoo! And best news is it is tasty and the kids will love it! I am so happy to team up with SMARTCANDY and share this new treat option with you!



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Smart Candy was developed by a husband and wife team, which in and of itself is cool…here is a little quote from them.

“As parents of two active boys, we noticed a void in the market for a snack that was better for our kids and one that they would be equally excited about,” says Eric Stoll, founder and president of SNAP Infusion. “Think Apple® meets Willy Wonka. SMARTCANDY is a delicious product packed with vitamins A, B and C – a unique blend of function to support a kid’s daily activity while also delivering benefits for eyes, immunity and sustained energy levels. We put our heart and soul into the creation of this line and made sure that the FROOT product specifically met school food guidelines. We want to provide a healthy and delicious snack option that meets parents’ nutritional criteria and also delivers on kids’ nag factor.”
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We had a little local taste test with kids in our neighborhood and the kids loved them! They have varieties that are more jelly bean like (covered in yogurt) or more gummy like sprinkled with sugar. The kids seemed to really like both, I personally liked the yogurt covered ones. This would definitely be a treat I wouldn’t mind sneaking for myself either and it is purse friendly. I like that the little jelly beans don’t get too messy for little fingers either.
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Another bit of good news is that you can pick this up at your local Walmart or Target, you don’t have to go to a special health food store to get them. Here is a special coupon you can print off and take with you to buy some of your own. These would be a great alternative to a movie treat, packed lunches, or a “save me” moment in the doctor’s office when you’ve been waiting a little too long.

StollCard_5x7_final2_OUTLINES-02Go try it out! I teamed up with SMARTCANDY on this post, opinions are 100% mine. What are some healthy treats you like to give your kids?
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    Yummy! I need to get some of this smart candy for my Jack. He has a sweet tooth like no other, even though he doesn’t get a lot of sweets. This might be a good compromise.ReplyCancel


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