Creating a Miracle Morning Routine

Start your day off with intention and purpose using a Miracle Morning routine. Approach your day with six steps for success.

Creating a Miracle Morning Routine

Recently I watched the Miracle Morning movie and was so inspired by the testimonials and life changing practices it suggests. I had read the miracle morning last year but wasn’t quite ready to take on the practice myself. I feel like I am in a place now where I am ready to take it on.

For a month now, I’ve been doing the Micacle Morning Routine and I am LOVING the effects so far.

On mornings that I sleep in as much as possible, it creates a ripple effect of chaos throughout the family. I am much more likely to yell at the kids to hurry, get upset over lost shoes, and get the day in a rushed, stressed mood.

So I put my Miracle Morning routine to the test and woke up early. Well earlier. Instead of starting the day at 8 am, I woke up at 6:30 am and took the six steps that Hal Elrod suggests the most successful people will do each day.

If you want to start this journey with me, click on this link to get your free printable and start your day for success. This system has worked wonders for so many people and I know if it works for me, it will work for you too!

What Makes a Miracle Morning Routine?

In the book The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod spent a lot of time studying and researching what makes people the most successful they could be. There are six steps that are needed every morning to create a day that is successful.


An easy way to remember the six steps in the Miracle Morning routine. Use the acronym “SAVERS” to remember each step.

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing

It doesn’t matter how long you do each one of these steps, they can be a couple of minutes to thirty minutes. If you are starting from the beginning it might be a good idea to adopt one and try to incorporate it into your routine one day at a time.


Silence: Meditation, prayer, breathing. Take time to be quiet and contemplative. Start your day with calm, peaceful thoughts. If you struggle with the idea of mediation try a meditation app to help you practice quieting your thoughts.


Affirmations: Encouraging words that you say or write to yourself that help you achieve your goals, overcome insecurities, and live your healthiest life. Decide what your purpose is and what you think you’d like to achieve and speaking to yourself as if you are already the person you are wanting to become.

A good idea for a Miracle Morning routine can be to record your own voice with your affirmations and playing it back. Or if you are more into writing affirmations this can be really helpful too!

Some ideas of affirmations I like I try things like, “I am a patient, loving mom”, “I have a strong, health body”, “I am a strong woman who knows what she wants,” “I find ways to serve and love those around me”

Really it can be anything.


Visualization: Imagine yourself achieving the goals that you want to reach. Think of the process in a step by step process and what it would feel like to achieve that goal.

Another idea is actually create a visualization board and have it in a place that you can see it frequently.


Exercise: Each morning move your body in a way that gets your heart pumping! Move in ways that make you happy and make you feel connected to your body. Whether it is yoga, running, walking, stretching, Yoga, weight lifting, or swimming even five to ten minutes of activity is better than nothing!


It’s no secret that starting your day off on the right foot can make a world of difference in your overall mood and attitude for the day. If you’re looking for a way to set the tone for a positive, productive day, you may want to consider adding meditation to your morning routine. Meditation has been shown to provide a host of benefits, including reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, and increasing self-awareness. Just a few minutes of meditation each day can help you feel calmer and more centered, and better equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way. Plus, carrying a piece of crystal jewelry like crystal rings with gems can help keep the positive energy of meditation with you throughout the day. So if you’re looking for a way to start your day off on the right foot, give meditation a try. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.


Reading: Fill your mind with words, thoughts, and ideas that inspire you and help you improve your frame of thinking. Learn knowledge from others who have created a life that you want to emulate or those who know things about a path you are wanting to be on.


Scribing: Writing or journaling is free therapy. It connects your inner thoughts with action and help you become more aware of where you want to end up. Writing is the washing machine for the mind.

If you’d like to join me I would love that! I created this free printable for you to download if you want to join the fun!

Make the Miracle Morning Routine a Habit.

Once this daily Miracle Morning routine becomes habit, you’ll find that it:

  • Puts you in a positive mental state
  • Bolsters confidence
  • Keeps your goals top-of-mind
  • Increases your energy 
  • Kick starts your brain 
  • Encourages self-reflection

Snag this free printable to keep your Miracle Morning happening! One small step forward is a step closer to your ultimate goal!

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