Beachbody: Day Four

I’m getting to really like my shakology drink in the morning – like really.

Not because it’s healthy…haha.. can I say that? It’s nice that it is healthy, but I feel like somehow I don’t crave as much bad stuff in the afternoon when I drink it. It seems to make me full, but not sick and bloated feeling. My favorite so far is vanilla with half of a banana, spinach, ice, some almond butter and almond milk. MMMM.mmmm good. Sydney told me today that she makes one with cinamon and  vanilla extract in it! I am really excited to try that. I am such a spice girl.

Today I worked out! YEA, and I even took a picture for you. I feel a little embarrassed to be so bold, but all of these muscles have transformed me.


The lighting was dark, but whatever. At least you can see my muscles pretty well. I feel like these past four days have been really hard, but as you can see – they have paid off.

So guess what? Jon bought me a ticket to fly out to Washington tomorrow so I can drive back with him 8 hours on Saturday. We haven’t seen each other in so long that this actually sounds like fun! That’s what love looks like after twenty years. It’s not the giddy feeling you get when you first meet someone, but a strong under current of support and friendship.

I can’t wait to show him my new body! Go Beachbody. 

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