Beachbody: Day Three

Day Three.


Can the time just move a little faster? I’m so impatient. It’s so hard to hold myself accountable, but I have to. I have to keep working on myself. It’s embarrassing to share my successes AND failures, but I feel like it’s important. So with that, here we go.

I woke up and got ready. I started my day off right with Shakeology. It’s funny because I’m started to fee less clouded. I’m not quite sure how to explain that, but just eating healthier has made things feel more clear. My thoughts seem less faded and my energy is up – which is a good thing because I demand a lot of this body!

Today was a day for working on the Parent’s Council of Utah. I started it last Spring, and now it’s really started to take off. DCFS of Utah is supporting our group, the head of the PTA in Utah, and the United Way of Utah County. We have a strong backing to get going. We have around 30 parents that are excited about where we are going, they are just waiting for me to organize them. Good thing United Way has hired us a vista to support our group, because I don’t have time to do it on my own.

We had a great training with some of the parents, and my heart was full. I looked around the room and saw such strength. Parents are the answer to solving any problem in the community. They need to be supported and heard. They need to have a voice and feel validated, that they aren’t crazy for having opinions about their kids BUT THAT they have intuition for their children and intrinsically know what the best things are for them. I can’t wait to see where this group goes. GREAT things are happening, and as I work on the National Alliance for Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds, Parent Leadership Team, I see GROWTH across the country. Organizations are JUST starting to let the parent’s voices be heard.

So back to my day! I ate healthy but missed my workout AGAIN. That’s three days, one workout.  I got all dressed at 10:00 pm because I had been busy all day, sat down and read Jordan a story and fell asleep in my work out clothes. Now I’ll have to work out every day the rest of this week to hit 5. Go Beachbody, GO.

Score Me: 1 Excuses: 2.


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