Beachbody Day 5,6,7,8, and 9


Time flies, and my blog posts can’t keep up with the speed. I only have 10 minutes this morning until my work day starts, but I wanted to check in really quick! I flew to Washington, worked with my husband in setting up some contracts – and then drove home the next day. So, really late Saturday night I got home. Sunday morning I taught a lesson in church and it went well. The overall message was something like:

‘People often ask me why I take time to do service in the community, because I’m so busy already. Honestly, I need it. Service makes me busier, that’s true, and it helps others – which is important too, but it also serves as a great mood stabilizer. It brings happiness and puts everything in perspective. It fosters hope, and connects us to other people who are trying the best they can every day to live their lives. It teaches patience and humility, and most importantly, service helps us to see that life is about all of us, not just us. If we let it, It develops a collective light, that can brighten and change the energy of the world. This is my favorite time of year, because busy people take the time to find this place of being. Happy Holidays everyone, we are all better because we’re better together – laughing, loving, and serving one another.’ and I related it to walking as Jesus walked, not necessarily where he walked.

After church, I died in bed and slept for about three hours. We hadn’t had much sleep. Monday I got back on the good eating horse – because I STUNK – when I went out of town. Tuesday, yesterday, I did good until night. So it’s Wednesday – and this is what I’ve learned.

I AM A SOCIAL EATER TOO! I’m not JUST a emotional eater, and my husband is a huge trigger for me and not in a good way when it comes to health! So, basically, I’m addicted to food. I need to enter bad eating anonymous or be locked up or something. Because between being somewhere social and feeling emotions, well that is like every day of my life! So I come to you humble. This 21 day fix thing has just made me realize how week I’ve become.

On a more positive note, my daughters are all still working on being healthy, and so am I. Our snacks are healthier and we are exercising together – when we are together.  Onward and upward. I will not quit, even though this is so embarrassing! Is anyone else out there addicted to food?!

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