Beachbody: Day 10

Yesterday, I woke up ready to hit it hard!

Ella wanted me to wake her up so that we could do the Beachbody workout videos together. I love them because there are so many different styles to choose from. The one we are working with is the 21 Day Fix – and it is so nice because it’s only 30 minutes. It’s been a good length for us to start out with.

I think it’s funny that I just realized that it may be harder than I thought, to be as strict over the las 21 days of December! We have been better than a normal December would have looked around here, but we aren’t perfect. I am okay with that because it’s Christmas time. Stockings weren’t meant to be filled with carrots, celery and chicken. How did that orange make it in there anyway?

We do plan on an orange to be in the stocking! One of the things that breaks my heart as a mother, is watching all of my daughters compare themselves to each other physically. They are all built differently – and that is okay – other than sometimes it’s not and it becomes really hard for some of them.

My Ella was born chubby, like super cute rollie chub. She had bright blond hair, like an angel. A perfect little angel face, complete with pink lips, bright blue eyes, and smooth skin that can even tan like her dads. As she grew, her hair became long and thick – always finding itself in pig tails. She naturally always held onto extra weight, and it was always cute. She ate the same way as the other girls, but she didn’t process it the same.

Fast forward several years, and now she is eleven. She has looked around a bit and decided that she is different. She feels “ugly” and “not the same as her friends”. It breaks my heart to watch her tear up and try to hide it as she tries on clothes. I always struggle with the decision to not say anything to her because it will hurt her feelings, or talk about it openly. I have always talked about eating healthy food and exercising “so we are healthy” – but it hasn’t been enough. She continues to gain weight. I need to help her find a way to work with this because she will always struggle. I never did as a child, but her dad it – and still does.

I’m hoping and praying that our focus on using the Beachbody videos, shopping and healthy meal planning together, will start us down the right path together. I love her and want to be the best example I can for her. I don’t want her to feel like she is on a diet and something is wrong with her, but I want to make it fun as we set goals together. The last thing a mom wants is to see her daughter struggle with self esteem issues. I’ve always told her she is perfect, in so many ways – and she IS. Has anyone else struggled with this? Genetics are a crazy thing! We have six daughters and no two of them are shaped the same. Being different is GOOD but now we just need to find a way to be the healthiest version of ourselves.

Have a beautiful day.




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