Planning the Ultimate Angry Bird Birthday Party on a Budget

In April, we threw an unforgettable Angry Bird birthday bash for my son. It was an adventure from start to finish! While the planning and preparation were a blast, the day itself had me feeling like I was on the verge of going CRAZY! From decorating the house to whipping up pizzas, it was a whirlwind of activity. But despite the chaos, seeing my son’s joy made it all worth it.

Angry bird birthday party

Hosting an Angry Bird birthday party can quickly add up. With all the themed plates, decorations, and accessories available in stores. However, with a bit of creativity and some cost-saving tricks, you can throw an epic celebration without breaking the bank.

angry bird birthday party

Here are some budget-friendly tips and ideas to help you create a memorable Angry Bird extravaganza:

  1. Mix and Match Angry Bird Merchandise: Instead of splurging on every Angry Bird item in sight, pick a few key pieces to incorporate into your party decor. For instance, I opted for two striking mylar balloons featuring the iconic red bird and a mischievous pig, which served as eye-catching centerpieces without blowing the budget.
  2. Get Crafty with Streamers: Streamers are a versatile and inexpensive way to add color and flair to your party space. I used streamers to cover shelves and hung balloons adorned with Angry Bird faces underneath for a festive touch.
  3. Free Printable Templates: Utilize free resources like printable Angry Bird faces to adorn various party elements such as balloons, hats, goodie bags, and even the cake. I found a fantastic template online and used it to jazz up everything from decorations to snacks.

You can snag the printables I used for free HERE.

I also used streamers in my front room. I wanted to twist all of them like I did to the first streamers on the left, but then I ran out of time. Haha, it drives me crazy to look at that, but whatever, my son didn’t notice.

Angry Bird Birthday party

Angry Bird Themed Food

4. DIY Decor and Treats: Put your creative skills to use by crafting homemade Angry Bird-themed items. From customized pizzas resembling the characters to a simple yet adorable cake adorned with printed faces, DIY touches add a personal flair to the festivities without the hefty price tag.

angry bird birthday party

For the yellow bird I used cheddar cheese, olives for the eyebrows, and mozzarella for the eyes and beak.

angry bird birthday party pizza

Interactive Activities: Keep the little ones entertained with engaging activities that tie into the Angry Bird theme. We turned a simple Easter egg hunt into a quest to retrieve stolen eggs from the pesky pigs, sparking excitement and laughter among the kids.

For an activity I put Easter eggs full of candy in a frying pan and hid it in my yard. I told the kids that the pigs stole the eggs and we needed to find them! I really wanted to have a treasure hunt with clues, but didn’t have time. This was still fun though. We had cake and ice cream, opened presents and then hit the pinata.

angry bird birthday party

Despite a few last-minute hiccups and unfinished plans, the party was a roaring success. With a bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of love, you too can host a budget-friendly Angry Bird birthday bash that will leave your little one and their friends squawking with delight!

It was a great party!

angry bird birthday party
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