20 Easy Bird Crafts & Activities for Kids

Birds are a great subject, especially for kids. They’re very familiar yet still magical. What little child doesn’t dream about flying? And with all their different colors and varieties, birds offer an endless source of learning. Use these 20 bird crafts and activities for kids to start them on the learning journey of a lifetime.

bird crafts and activities

Colorful Cardboard Bird Craft by Messy Little Monster

These super bright, colorful cardboard bird crafts mix together a couple of different abstract techniques for a really interesting final product. Plus, kids will get to help prep by using a circle punch, which most kids love. 

bird crafts and activities

Coffee Filter Peacock Craft by Life with Darcy & Brian

This bird craft is such a cute idea, and kids will love the colorful result. Make a peacock using a coffee filter, clothespin, and a couple of other supplies. It’s easy, and they turn out so pretty!

bird crafts and activities

Seagull Craft with Free Printable Template by Mama Likes This

This seagull bird craft is the perfect option for those who want an easy craft that still allows kids to be creative. The free printable cuts down on the prep work, but they still get to paint a wavy watercolor ocean backdrop for it.

bird crafts and activities

Movable Bird Paper Doll by Easy Peasy and Fun

Next up is another printable bird craft. What makes this one special is that the wings move, and with a string attached, they move on their own.

bird crafts and activities

Clothespeg Bird Craft by Taming Little Monsters

If you’ve already made the peacock craft elsewhere on this list, and have some supplies left over, you have just what you need to make this clothespeg bird craft. It’s such a neat little design, and kids will love helping out.

bird crafts and activities

Blue Bird Paper Plate Craft by Mom Wife Busy Life

Kids are sure to go crazy for this fluffy blue paper plate bird craft. It’s easy to make and loaded with color.

Bird Nest Craft by Homeschool Preschool

This bird craft is fantastic for two reasons. The first is that it uses old plastic Easter eggs, so there are tons of color options. The second is that there is finally a use for all those loose plastic eggs that accumulate around Easter time.

bird crafts and activities

Make an Eagle from a Cardboard Tube by Crafts by Amanda

Help kids learn about the United States’ national bird with this easy, fun project. Supplies are very simple, and it lets them practice cutting.

bird crafts and activities

Pom Pom Bald Eagles by The Soccer Mom Blog

Here’s another bald eagle craft that is easy to make with simple supplies. Kids will love the adorable, fuzzy little birds once they are done.

bird crafts and activities

Rocking Paper Bird Craft by Arty Crafty Kids

This fun little craft will give kids a coloring project that they can play with when it’s done. The free printable included makes the whole process much easier.

bird crafts and activities

Bird Paper Bag Puppet Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Paper bag puppets are always big fun for a kid. Acting out adventures for the puppet to go on is a blast. And the free printable template means this paper bag bird craft will be an absolute snap.

bird crafts and activities

Red Bird Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

Anyone who has enough colored feathers and clothespins around can make an entire flock with this list of bird crafts. This one is a cute and colorful redbird.

bird crafts and activities

Colorful Flamingo Scrape Painting by Projects with Kids

Here’s a great process art project that kids will have a blast with. The free printable makes things easier, but they will definitely still get messy.

bird crafts and activities

Paper Songbirds by Homan at Home

These paper songbirds have a simple trick that makes them too easy to make. Even pre-K kids can handle this fun little craft, and they will love doing it.

bird crafts and activities

Toilet Paper Roll Macaw Craft by Little Ladoo

This toilet paper roll macaw is a perfect project for younger kids. The free printable means that it can be scaled up or down for almost any age. And the bright, colorful bird craft is sure to see some major playtime after it’s done.

bird crafts and activities

Bluebird Handprint Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Combine fingerpaint with handprints to make an original bird craft that is all about your little one. Color choices are only limited by the paints you have on hand.

bird crafts and activities

Paper Bird Craft by Fireflies & Mud Pies

Combine pretty scrapbook paper with the provided free printable template to make this one-of-a-kind bird craft. Kids will love them because they can even stand up once they’re done.

bird crafts and activities

Colorful Tissue Paper Birds by Our Kid Things

These colorful tissue paper birds are so unique-looking. They don’t look like anything else around, and that is just part of their charm.

bird crafts and activities

Spring Bird Bookmark Craft by Hello Creative Family

A little cutting and a little gluing is all this bookmark bird craft idea needs. And the included template takes all the guesswork out of making this cute little guy turn out just perfect.

bird crafts and activities

3D Penguin Pop Up Card by Arty Crafty Bee

Penguins are one of the most popular bird species out there in the world. And kids will get a kick out of watching this one pop up when they open the card up to see what’s inside.

bird crafts and activities

Angry Bird Pinata by My Mommy Style

Piñata’s can add so much to any party! Make this angry bird piñata or make it any shape you like.

In conclusion, bird crafts and activities offer not only a delightful way to spend time with children but also serve as valuable educational tools. Through these 20 imaginative projects, kids can explore the beauty and diversity of birds while honing their fine motor skills, creativity, and knowledge of the natural world. Whether it’s crafting colorful paper birds or learning about national symbols like the bald eagle, each activity promises endless fun and learning opportunities. So gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey of avian discovery with your little ones today!

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