All-Round Champion Returns: Season 2 on BYUtv

All-Round Champion on BYUtv has returned to provide healthy, fun competition among 10 incredible young athletes. This is not your average family friendly programming as it delivers life lessons that will not soon be forgotten. This is a sponsored post written by me, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I am a part of the Forward Influence Network.

The twist to the All-Round Champion competition is that each of these athletes don’t compete in their own sports; they compete in each others! This makes for a really unique show because they take turns coaching each other as their competitors take on a sport they’ve never done before.

All-Round Champion Schedule

The competition is broken down into 10 weeks as there are 10 athletes. So far we have seen Freestyle Skiing, Figure Skating, & Dog Mushing. Each week it is a new surprise in what they will be competing in next. This season is all about winter sports which is pretty fun because they seem to be sports that we don’t always know a lot about.

Dog Mushing was especially this way! My kids were so excited to see what the dogs could do and were fascinated something like this existed! It was an immediate confidence boost to see these kids go after something they’ve never done before. Teaching confidence in kids is something that is very important to me as a parent.

My daughter was asking immediately if she could be a dog musher. I thought that perhaps this is only available in Alaska; but it turns out you can try it here in Utah! I don’t know if we will be doing dog mushing anytime soon, but the fact that we can give it a try was really exciting.

How is the All-Round Champion chosen?

Each week as they take on a new sport they have three days of training before they compete. The first day is for exploring & playing. By day two they are ready to practice their technique and increase their skills.

Points are earned in three ways: there are two “shout out” awards given each week to competitors who showed exceptional skill in attitude/tenacity/grit.

The second way points are given is on the actual competition day where judges are involved with technicality, time, and overall performance. Points are awarded on a podium of Broze, Silver, & Gold.

The last way points are awarded is through participation. By showing up and taking part they are winning points as they keep their chins up and keep going.

Why You will LOVE All-Round Champion on BYUtv

This program is such a fun show to watch together as a family. My favorite part has been watching the attitude of the athletes and their “can do” attitude. I am amazed each week to see what they are capable of and it has been incredibly encouraging to my own kids. This generation has been marked as one that is afraid to take risks. I want more than anything for my kids to take this time to go for things they want and not be afraid of failure.

All-Round Champion is an incredibly fun show that will show your family what a healthy mindset and determination can do. We love it. You can check it out for free here and through the BYUtv app.

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