Teaching Your Children Resilience

Recently I attended a tech conference that taught about the struggles that each generation has dealt with. One of the number one concerns for this generation of children is teaching them how to have resilience.

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Easy Ways to teach resilience in young children

  • Create comfort in routine. Children establish a better sense of who they are in the world when they have a scheduler they can rely on. This can start at a young age with bedtime routines, dinner times, and people they are around. If different situations arise that take you away from your routine that is okay. Keep in mind that coming back to comforting routines help them to feel normalcy and that can be very healing.
  • Teach your child how to empathize. Giving your child the opportunity to learn and share from others around them will give them the ability to see beyond themselves. Allowing your children to help others can build confidence and trust in their own abilities to overcome.
  • Take time to de-stress. It is no question that life will throw curve balls at us as parents and children. Talking through the situation in a time that your child feels safe can allow them to open up. It can help to create scenarios that you can talk about that are similar to their own and how other kids have solved the problem. If there is a current situation or scenario where your child is triggered by a stressor try your best to identify the problem and take steps to filter it or remove it from their lives altogether.
  • Moving on with Change. Change can be overwhelming for children and teens. Discussing the change in a way that is non threatening can really help. Acknowledge that change is hard, but by working together you can find ways to make it as positive as possible.
  • Create opportunities for trying something new. For us as parents we want to see our children try even when we know that they may not be the best. That doesn’t matter! We just want them to try! Depending on the personality of your child this can be a simple task and for others it can be extremely hard. Recently I found a show on BYUtv called All-Round Champion that has taught my children so much about resilience.
All-Round Champion Cast
All-Round Champion Cast Season 2 returns to BYUtv

Each of these kids is amazing at the sport they do. However, in this competition they have to try each others sports each week! It has been so heartwarming to see them try again and again even if they are not the best at the sport they are trying that week.

You can check it out for free on the BYUtv channel or the free BYUtv app!

Create Resilience by Creating a safe Place For Failure

Failing is a healthy part of life, it means that you are pushing yourself to try new things. Creating space for your child to try new sports, hobbies, make new friends, and find new interests is essential for resilience.

School can present its own set of tricks. If you are looking for help in how to build confidence in this area you can find helpful tips here.

Goal setting will also help your child discover how to develop skills in a step by step way. Starting with small wins can build the confidence your child needs to grow their own mindset.

Affirmations can also build resilience and trust in themselves as they navigate their day to day. Starting with I am statements can be such a powerful ally. Some of our favorites are:

I am ___________(name)

I am kind, I am brave, I am smart, I am ready, I am confident, I am unique, I am happy, I am strong.

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