A little Minnie party

I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and ringing in the new year! It is crazy to me how quickly the time goes when you are having so much fun with those you love most. I forgot to post yesterday because I was throwing a party for my little one. We did a “Minnie Mouse” themed party which was so easy because you can find minnie mouse in any walmart.

The first thing I did was set up the banner/decorations the night before. My Mom sewed me this amazing birthday banner that turned out beautifully! I set up the decorations on New Years Eve while my husband watched 4 hours of “Pawn Stars”. We like to party hard! 🙂

While I was decorating I baked the cakes so that I could have them refridgerated and ready to frost the next morning. I might try freezing it next time because it still was a little flakey. I was going to try making my own fondant but a cousin of mine told me you can buy fondant sheets in the cake decorating isle that are like pieces of paper that you can cut. Sweet. Done and done. I was thinking of doing a cake like this:

but ended up with this:


Using two round cake pans and then baking a second cake mix into a round/deeper casserole dish on top. Cook time for the cake on top is more similar to a bundt cake for the cooking time for reference.

Jayne’s Minnie costume is something I picked up at the Halloween clearance a few days after Halloween and saved to give it to her the morning of her birthday. She was thrilled to be dressed like Minnie and I think it made the day extra special for her.

We went really easy with the lunch and just did pizza and had some sides brought by a few family members. Salad, drinks, clementines and we were set to go.


The pinata is from Walmart, it is $11.99. They didn’t have a minnie mouse pinata but from experience it kind of freaks the kid out when you are beating one of their most beloved characters in the world. So a flower was just fine for me!
It was my Dad’s genius idea to use the pizza box as a added protection from would be assaults. I am happy to report there was no incidence. Although the wording on the box could be viewed as a tad inappropriate. (Especially when your brother points it out!) 🙂

There you have it…simple and easy the way I like it!

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  • Kira

    What a fun party for such a beautiful little girl! Love it! And the pizza box is hilarious!ReplyCancel


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