Creating Moments that Matter with your Daughter

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Creating moments that matter, parenting tips, mommy and me, motherhood Motherhood is filled with such busy, hurried moments that often I can get swept away in the to-do’s rather than stopping to enjoy the moment that is before me. Recently I have been thinking about this a lot and specifically my relationship with my daughter. We are expecting brother #3 to arrive in just a few short weeks and that means my attention will be divided even more and my dear, sweet Jayne will absolutely be outnumbered. I remind her that even though we have another boy in the house that does not mean we can’t have special girl time too, in fact I am sure I will need these special moments as much as she will. Here are some of the things that I have done to create special moments with her. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, baby bump Take time to slow down and smell the roses, and if you don’t have roses blow some dandelions!

My children seem to be transformed when We take the time to get outside and let nature return them to their happier selves. Thank goodness that the weather is warming up and it isn’t such an ordeal to get out the door. I spent endless hours outdoors as a child as we lived in a neighborhood with few houses and lots of trees. My imagination was born there as I pretended to be an Indian Princess, Explorer, Western Wrangler, or pirate. You see, I grew up with three brothers too and grew to love nature, the outdoors and the magic of the outdoors.

You can find more ideas of easy things to do with kids HERE and HERE as we are now getting ready to share our Summer Learning series with you. Most often it is in the moments that I am just there and listening to whatever it is that she wants to say or share with me that the magic happens away from technology and all of its distractions. As a blogger I am certainly guilty of those distracted moments, so when I go outside with my kids I will make it a point to only use my phone for picture taking and not for “business.” Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, blowing a flower Read books, albums, and special memory keepsakes.

One of my daughter’s favorite things for us to do together is to look through her baby book and have me tell her all about who she was as a baby, what it was like for me to carry her in my belly, and what I thought about the moments she was born and every moment afterward. She loves to read books at night, but I would say that this book is probably her very favorite. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, reading books Share special memories that transcend from your life to hers.

When I was a senior in high school I had a dance competition in Disney World and bought this small Minnie Mouse ceramic dancer. I dreamed that someday I would be able to pass it down to my own “tiny dancer” and it is one of my happiest blessings that this wish came true. Jayne is now learning to dance and loves to keep this little memento in her room and knowing that it was once mine. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse Get girly.

This certainly does not apply to every mother/daughter as some may have no interest, but my little girl LOVES to get girly. We love to have moments together where we paint nails, try a new lipstick, or go shopping for a special piece of jewelry. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, playing dress up Take adventures together.

This year we had the opportunity to experience Disney World together and we had SO much fun! We explored new places, met princesses, and rode rides. I only went to Disneyland once as a small child and I would love to be able to take my kids at least a few times as they are growing up. It is so fun to create magical moments like this when she thinks the princesses literally just stepped out of the castle doors to come and meet her. We also enjoy hiking, boating, park hopping, swimming,going to plays or Disney on Ice.

Disney World camille and Jayne  We also make it a point to go on “dates” one on one with Mom/child or Dad/child. The one thing Jayne really wants to do next with her Dad is go swimming, just the two of them. I love asking her what her idea of fun would be because sometimes the answer really surprises me! Disney Minnie Mouse Bows and Dots Beach TowelCreating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, bucket Teach her work and self confidence.

Special moments can also take place when work is involved. It is through teaching our kids skills and responsibility that they begin to understand the value and contribution that they can add. This has done so much for building my daughter’s self confidence as she realized there are so many things she CAN do! Just last week I “employed” Jayne to help me pick up gravel rocks that had been dumped on our grass. She was able to get a penny per rock and I paid her a nickel. (Her attention span wasn’t too long on this task. She has been carrying this nickel around with her for a week and she keeps talking about how she EARNED it. She does not longingly cling to the $15 she got from a birthday present, it is the nickel that she earned that she is so proud of. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, hard work Embrace her individuality. This little girl has sass and emotions. She is goofy, sensitive, charismatic, and spontaneously extremely shy. Recently my husband was telling me about a parenting book that he was listening to that stated your children don’t need to hear you tell them WHAT they are, they need to hear what their efforts are and that they are recognized. This is how they develop the character for knowing what it means to be kind, hard working, dependable, and smart. Recognize those small moments with your daughter and celebrate her uniqueness! I am so lucky to have this sassy little thing as my daughter. Creating moments that matter, my mommy style, mini me, minnie mouse, sassyJayne loved her Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl Tee and Skirt Outfit Set. You can find all of these darling Disney Junior. Minnie Mouse items at your local Walmart! camille walker,

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