25 Super Bowl Party Recipes

Here in the U.S. the early part of the year means a few things, but the Super Bowl is a major one. Some people watch it for the game, some only for the commercials. But regardless of the reason people show up, they stay for the food. Super Bowl food is huge, and people sink a lot of time into it. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what to go with. This list of Super Bowl party recipes will help narrow down the choices.

Super Bowl Appetizers

Finger foods are a big part of gametime food in general. With all of the getting up and sitting down, cheering, shouting, and general hubbub, regular plated meals aren’t the most practical. These Super Bowl snacks will get things started off right.

Football Themed Charcuterie Board by Smack of Flavor

A good charcuterie board is always a safe bet at a party. Arranging the items in the shape of a goalpost keeps things on brand. All Super Bowl appetizers should look this good.

Soft Pretzel Bites by Barley & Sage

Soft pretzel bites are a guaranteed hit at any party. What’s so great about these particular Super Bowl finger foods is that they’re homemade! It’s more accessible than it seems.

Air Fryer Nachos With Chicken by Budget Delicious

Nachos are another great option, of course. But with the oven doing major duty before the party, these nachos let the air fryer step up and help out, too.

Pigs in a Blanket by Peel with Zeal 

Pigs in a blanket are another game day mainstay. What sets this recipe apart is that they are gluten free, so people with dietary concerns don’t have to miss out. It’s always good when Super Bowl food ideas can include the whole group.

Super Bowl Dips

Dips are another great option. People can get as much as they want, or just dip as they go and never even need a plate. Here is a good range of dips to suit different tastes.

Hot Artichoke and Shrimp Dip by Foodess

This hot artichoke and shrimp dip is a nice, warm, flavorful dip. Serve with crackers or sliced baguettes

Team Colors 7 Layer Dip by The Good Hearted Woman

This is a really neat idea. It’s a bean dip base, but then there are a number of different toppings. The toppings selected are chosen to match the team colors of one or both teams that are playing!

Game Day Guacamole Dip by Two Kids and a Coupon

This guacamole dip is arranged to resemble a football field. It’s not as much work as it seems, but it will wow guests.

Pizza Dip with Pizza Dough Balls by Entirely Elizabeth

Pizza dip with pizza dough balls is an amazing dip idea. The name really sums up what is great about this dip.

Pico De Gallo by Audreythena Food Goddess 

Pico de Gallo is sort of like salsa, but amped way up. Fresh made Pico is quite easy but tastes amazing. Tops amongst Super Bowl appetizer ideas.

Super Bowl Wings Recipes

Another great finger food option is to be found in wings. Basically any sauce could potentially be used with them, plus there’s the option of dipping sauce as well. Wings are super versatile and not a lot of work.

Pineapple Hawaiian Grilled Wings by Ottawa Mommy Club

This is a barbeque variant for wings with a very Hawaiian taste profile. Plus, it’s super easy to make the handmade sauce.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings by Three Olives Branch

Garlic honey wings are another option to try. Garlic and sweet honey might sound like an odd combination, but not to anyone who has tried it.

Honey Lemon Pepper Wings by Rich and Delish

These honey lemon pepper wings take a classic dry rub option, lemon pepper, and turn it into a sauce instead. 

Smoked Wings by A Grill for All Seasons

Instead of a specific recipe, this is a guide for making smoked wings. After smoking, another sauce option can be added as well to create multilayered flavor.

Super Bowl Crockpot Recipes

Crockpots are the king of game-day food prep methods. Being able to set something up ahead of time and then let it slow cook, getting more tender and flavorful as time goes by can make game prep so easy.

Slow Cooker Party Meatballs by Cincy Shopper

Meatballs are a staple of slow cooker food. The meatballs cook in a ton of sauce, and will taste amazing after they are ready.

Carnitas Street Tacos by Sweet Tea + Thyme

Carnitas is a delicious way of preparing pork roast. These street tacos use the carnitas to really pump the recipe up.

Creamy Crockpot Mac and Cheese by If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Creamy mac and cheese from a slow cooker? This is a must-try option. Who would have through Mac n’ cheese could show up on a list of Super Bowl Crock Pot recipes?

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

While most finger foods aren’t really made with healthy eating in mind, that doesn’t mean all gameday recipes have to be unhealthy. These options provide great gameday snacks without destroying everyone’s diets.

Healthy Homemade Vegan Doritos “Nacho Cheese” Flavor by Strength & Sunshine

This recipe offers a great option for anyone who loves Doritos, but wants to make better choices. These vegan chips offer a healthful alternative to the snacktime favorite. People who prefer healthy Super Bowl food don’t need to miss out on the chips.

Football Deviled Eggs by My Mommy Style

super bowl recipes

Cauliflower Bites by Ooh La La It’s Vegan

Besides being crispy, vegan, and potentially gluten-free, these crispy cauliflower bites are also mighty easy to make.Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe by Peel with Zeal

Not much beats a good buffalo chicken dip. It’s king of the Super Bowl dips. But for anyone watching what they eat, it’s a “pass.” Partake in this dip without fear, as it offers healthful options over the standard delicious staple.

Main Course ideas for the Super Bowl

Now, just because finger foods and dips are great for the big game, that doesn’t mean there are no entree options at all. Here are some ideas for a meal that will be sure to stick in people’s memory longer than which team lost that year’s Super Bowl.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Burgers by The Heirloom Pantry

This pulled chicken sandwich looks amazing and turns out delicious. But the best part? It’s incredibly easy to make.

BBQ Ranch Burgers by The Jam Jar Kitchen

Be careful with this burger. It might end up supplanting all other burger options with its ranch seasoning and coleslaw, barbeque, and cheese toppings.

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries by Plant-Based on a Budget

Everybody knows fries. Nearly everybody loves fries. But sweet potato fries offer up a more healthful option, which also has a lot of great flavor.

Air Fryer Frozen Coconut Shrimp by The Littlest Crumb 

Here’s a secret. These are store-bought frozen shrimp. Here’s another secret. Follow this recipe, and nobody will be able to tell.

Super Bowl Dessert Ideas

But wait, what about the most important course? Obviously this is dessert. No worries, dessert options are covered, as well. These two recipes just can’t go wrong.

Football Whoopie Pies by Barley & Sage

Here we have some marshmallow creme-filled football whoopie pies. Easy, quick, and spot on for a game day treat. What better Super Bowl dessert ideas than football-shaped cookies?

Edible Brownie Batter by Simply Scrumptious Eats

This last recipe is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a brownie batter dip that is safe to eat and guaranteed to disappear before they hand out the Lombardi trophy.

Super Bowl Food Ideas

So there we are. No matter if the focus is healthful recipes, dietary concerns, or just eating as much BBQ sauce as possible, there are options to cover it. Or just take a mix of ideas, to suit all different guests. There’s plenty of great Super Bowl recipes guaranteed to make sure people remember the food longer than the game. Or the commercials.

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