Winter Activities For Kids

Baby it’s cold outside! Fun winter activities can be hard to find. But we all know that being cooped up during the winter months can get tiresome. Even more so if
there are kids in the household. Eventually, you will all be clamoring for anything
to do. TV and video games can only get you so far. So here is a list of fun things to
do in the winter, using only simple supplies or kits.

fun indoor winter activities

Snow Crafts and Activities Round Up

Snow and winter go together, but not everybody gets an opportunity to play in the snow. These snow crafts are great winter activities for kids to bring the magic of snow inside your warm home.

Snowflake Popsicle Stick Craft by Mom. Wife. Busy Life.

Turn ordinary popsicle sticks into magical snowflakes. This winter craft project is so easy to do with kids, and there isn’t much mess involved.

Snowman Vegetable Cups by My Mommy Style

winter activity for kids
Snowman Vegetable cups

Why not make a healthy treat while you make your own snowmen indoors that won’t melt. You can mix it up and create different themed cups for your little ones to much on while watching a movie or having a fun get together with friends.

Homemade Snow Sensory Play by Messy Little Monster

If you are in a location that doesn’t have snow, or you want to bring the fun indoors, this fun snow project is perfect. Learn how to make your own handmade snow, and how to set up a snow themed sensory bin.

Snow Paint by The Best Ideas for Kids

Go outside and have fun in the snow with this activity. Make some snow paint using water and food coloring. This fun idea allows kids to get creative in the snow.

Snowman Crafts Round Up

Make a snowman without the mess or slush. These snowman crafts ideas provide entertainment for the kids when they are cooped up inside. 

Build a Snowman Printable by Crafts by Amanda

Kids will love getting creative with this winter activity! Build a snowman using the free printable. Mix and match the accessories to customize your very own snow friend.

Melted Snowman Craft by Mama of Minis

Use homemade puffy paint and snowman pieces for this next engaging melted snowman project. This is also a great opportunity to teach kids about what happens to the snow when it starts to get warmer outside.

Snowman Playdough Recipe by Beth Ann Averill

Let the kids create their own snow wonderland by making this snowman playdough with common ingredients that you probably already have at home.  The author has lots of great tips to make this activity a success including keeping the playdough soft and fresh. 

Winter Craft Kits

Life is busy and hectic, especially with kids. If you want to have some craft time with the kids without the hustle of getting everything together, then these winter craft kits are just the thing. The kits include everything you need so you can spend more time making memories.

One of the best snow crafts is the snowman, of course. This activity centers around making an ornament of a cute snowman poking out of a stocking. The great thing about this Foam Snowman Craft Kit is that all the pieces are already set up for you. Your child just needs to stick them together. So, they get to have fun making a decoration, but you don’t have to do tons of extra work to get them there.  

This next activity is great because it serves multiple purposes. You are going to want some cute pictures of all your activities. You can pick a favorite, print it up, then have your kid make a custom frame to put the picture in with this Foam Snowman Picture Frame Kit.

Your kids are sure to love this next option. They can use the pieces of the Northern Lights Polar Bear & Winter Pals Light-Up 3D Puzzle Kit to build one of several light-up models. Each option has a winter theme and can be displayed once complete. 

Here we have a fun activity that will result in a decoration sure to brighten up the darkest winter. The 24 Pack DIY Snowflake Suncatcher Paper Crafts Kit allows them to make unique, beautiful suncatchers that you can hang on the window. 

Finally, we have a project that will end up getting loads of snuggles once it’s done. This Yarn and Plush Penguin DIY Craft Kit lets your child make a loveable, soft, handmade penguin plushie. It will be extra special because they made it themselves.

Indoor Winter Activities

Winter is cold. Playing outside in the snow, sledding, or building a snowman are all fun, but sometimes you just want to stay inside where it’s nice and cozy. These indoor winter activities will keep you warm and enjoying winter. 

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