5 Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special this year with Kids

I love Valentine’s Day and am so excited to share these easy ways to make it special for your kids this year. The main holiday of the year for us is Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Valentines Day needs to be forgotten or over the top.

Show them love in their bellies. Kids have so much fun when we put forth even the smallest effort to make their meal time something special. Depending on your family and the time that you can all be together you may want to make this special meal for breakfast or dinner.

If you decide breakfast is the way to go you could make some heart shaped waffles and die the dough pink. Shape the waffle into a heart and top it with whipped cream and strawberries! A fun drink to go with this breakfast and the pink theme is strawberry milk. Send your child a Valentine in their lunch. I made these fun valentine’s cow jokes last year, they are easy print and a fun way to show your little one that you love them with some chocolate milk.

Want to make dinner special? Make it a tradition with something your family LOVES to eat together and make it fancy. Light some candles, set out place settings, and turn down the lights. For our little family pizza is typically the menu of choice, this is certainly not a fancy dinner but the kids love the extra steps we make to turn it into a special night with a few easy steps.

Personalize their Valentine.

I adore the new Valentines from Minted.com that you can personalize yourself with your child’s photo! You can change the photo and the message and make them entirely your own! We had so much fun designing our Valentines as they match the personalities of my kids exactly. Melissa made the cutest pugs and kisses printable that would go perfectly with this invitation, you can print them here.

You can create your own “Pugs and Kisses” valentine HERE.

Make effort to show that you know your little one and what he/she loves. Jackson is the jokester in our family and loves being the class clown. (This is often the topic of conversation for our parent/teacher meetings.) He loved this valentine and thought it was the perfect fit for him. It originally said “from your secret admirer”, but we changed it to say, “From the class clown.”

What is also fun is you can add this tic tac toe design on the back of the Valentine or you could even add another photo to personalize it even more if you would like to, you can find this valentine HERE. 

You can find more personalized valentine ideas and gifts on this post. There are even gift ideas for your sweetheart like personalized wall art made out of your vows or a special song.


A single rose. I am not a HUGE fan of roses for every Valentine’s Day, but there is something so sweet about a daughter giving his daughter a single red rose for Valentine’s Day. This is a tradition that my husband started early with our daughter. He is and always will be her first love and valentine. This could easily be offered to boys as well, or maybe your son’s favorite candy bar? I think whatever it is taking a minute to write a little love note and a small token of love for your little one is always appreciated.

Give them the gift of your time. Being a other of four I am constantly being pulled from one child’s need to the other. I know that very often my daughter wishes I could play barbies with her or my son hopes for some time that we can sit down and read. Why not make up coupons for them to cash in of 30 minutes uninterrupted mommy or daddy time? Tell them they can use it to do whatever they want and set out certain free time that they can cash it in! I think this may the best gift they could ever receive and it doesn’t have to cost a dime.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentines’ Day this year! What are some ideas your family loves to do? Looking for more? You may like these posts!

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