15 tips to stay safe this summer

15 tips to stay safe this summer


Summer is a magical time of year. Here are 15 things you can do to make sure the rest of your summer is safe while still enjoying the the season’s best activities.


  1. Make Homemade Popsicles: Nothing sounds better on a hot day than a cool treat, but you also want to try to eat well. Not a problem! Use greek yogurt and fresh fruit to make your own creamy summer treat without consuming all of the calories in ice cream.
  1. Wear Sunscreen: Be sure to wear sunscreen at all times during the summer. If you will be in the sun, SPF 15 or SPF 30 are best and you will need to reapply about every two hours (more if you are sweating a lot or in the water).
  1. Bug Repellent: It only takes one mosquito to ruin a good bonfire, but spray on bug repellent often leaves us feeling greasy and sticky. Consider a natural bug repellent such as some of the essential oil mixtures mentioned here.
  1. Stargaze Away from the City: One of the most magical parts of summer is lying outside in the warm night air, looking at the stars. If you live in a city, the city lights might put a damper on your stargazing. Take some time to drive away from the light pollution and enjoy the summer night sky. This summer, see if you can learn some of the names of the constellations above you.
  1. Enroll in Swimming Lessons: Put your kids (or even yourself) in swimming lessons each summer. This will give them and you more freedom and lessen anxiety when you go to a pool party or to the beach. Never leave young children unattended around water and obey all signs on water conditions.
  1. Drink More Water: Especially if you are spending more time outside and being more active, you need to be sure to stay hydrated throughout the summer heat. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere to help remind you to keep drinking.
  1. Prep Your Home for Your Vacation: Vacations are a great part of summer, but an empty house can be a cause for concern. Have a friend or neighbor check on the house periodically, put a stop on mail and newspaper delivery, and put your lights on a timer.
  1. Be Mindful of Open Windows: A nice summer breeze coming through the windows is a great part of summer. However, it can also be an open invitation for theft. Be aware of doors and windows left open and keep valuables away from them.
  1. Practice Fire Safety: From roasting marshmallows over a campfire to lighting sparklers and firecrackers, fire plays a big part in summer fun. However, there is also a lot of serious injury as well as destruction of property that happens each year. Never let our guard down around fire and teach young children to let adults handle it.
  1. Limit Teenage Driving: Did you know more teens are killed in motor-vehicle accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day than during any other time of the year? Be sure to go over safe driving with your teenager, restrict their driving to essential trips, and limit the number of passengers they carry.
  1. Wear a Helmet: Whether this is on a bike ride around the neighborhood on a dreamy summer evening, or going for a motorcycle ride up the canyon, be sure to always wear a helmet. Many lives are saved each year from this simple habit.
  1. Picnic Smart: Going for picnics is a favorite summer pastime for many, but if you end up with food poisoning it probably will not stay that way. Pack foods that will not go bad in the summer heat and bring a cooler with ice for those items that would normally require refrigeration.
  1. Remember Your Pets: Your family pet probably loves summer too, as this might mean more walks, play dates to the park, and rides in the car with their head hanging out the window. Don’t forget to keep them well hydrated and never leave them unattended outside or in the car.
  1. Check for Ticks: If you live in an area with ticks, be sure to check yourself and your family members for ticks anytime you have been outside playing. Ticks can cause diseases, such as Lyme Disease, that can plague someone for the rest of their life. Catch a tick early and remove it promptly and properly.
  1. Ride ATVs Safely: Riding an ATV is exhilarating and refreshing, but can also be dangerous. All riders should wear protective clothing and safety equipment such a helmet, eye protection, and sturdy shoes. Be wary of allowing children to ride or drive an ATV. You can also take a safety training course before your ATV trip for an added measure of education and preparation.


By keeping these ideas in mind, you can increase your chances of nothing getting in the way of having the summer fun you’ve been dreaming about.


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