Insect Light Mason Jar

hi guys! i’m lisa from hoopla palooza
a place chock full of seriously fun craft 
and food tutorials 🙂
i’m here today with a ton of gratitude to the girls of 
My Mommy Style for allowing me to be a part of their 
summer learning series!
looks like this week is all about insects.
thinking about what i was going to make, i fondly remember the days of catching fireflies as a kid in jars and watch in amazement as they glowed in the dark til my mom said it was time to set them free.
now as an adult living in florida with NO fireflies in our area for my kids to catch,
i have a way to catch that same 
firefly fun by making this:
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.24.41 AM
we used a kerr mason jar for this but any jar will do.
it’s quite simple and tons of fun to put together.
here. i’ll let the pics do the talking:
we left 4 on the strand and pulled 6 off.
they come off the lights fairly easy with just a little tug.




we got the washi tape from target during easter but any washi tape will do.
before we go onto the next step, i wanted you to see why taking 6 bugs off the light strand was necessary.
we left 4 plain on the light strand.
ok next step:






and place it right next to your kiddo’s bed so they can watch in amazement all the bugs in their glory.
and the best part about this is you never have to set the dragonflies free 🙂
if you like this, i got lots and lots more fun filled craft tutes over at hoopla palooza.
see you there and a gazillion thanks again to
My Mommy Style!!!
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