10 Life-Changing Mom Hacks

Juggle family and work life with these ten life changing mom hacks. Keep your calm and make the most of your precious time.

Mom holding her baby while working
Juggle family and work life with these ten life changing mom hacks. Keep your calm and make the most of your precious time. #momhacks #workingmoms

10 Life Changing Mom Hacks

When you’re a working mom with young or school-age kids, you might feel like doing everything is not enough. Life feels challenging when you are rushing from work to home and to everywhere.

Have you ever wondered how a mom does it all; everything at home and her workplace?  Well, I have, and it sounds brave to me.           

For a mom, after having kids, it is challenging to keep your energy high always. Your fuel might drain; you might even be weak mentally. But don’t lose hope. Instead, we suggest you try our amazing life-changing mom hacks that help moms change their struggling lives to normal ones.

5 Signs You’re Suffering from Working Mom Burnout

If you are a working mom and begin to feel the pressure because of your hectic schedule every day, you are a struggling mom. But you might not know what’s going on in life and how to manage everything. 

Have you ever stressed over things and panicked? Every individual is going through something. It’s like stress is a part of everyday life. Chronic stress might lead to burnout. As one of our mom hacks, every mom should know when to be concerned about signs of burnout. Here are some of the signs to look for:

  • Moms begin losing interest in hobbies. Moms start to feel less joyful by doing things they used to love before. 
  • A feeling of dissatisfaction. You’re not satisfied with how much you earn and question yourself whether everything is worth the stress. 
  • If burnout persists for long, one will experience physical symptoms, including headaches and stomachaches. It can also result in emotional exhaustion making a person tired and unattentive. 
  • You have a big goal. But, it is too late to achieve it. You will gradually lose interest in yourself, and your life will become monotonous. 
  • Less clarity. It seems like you’re running away from your purpose in life. It’s more likely that you feel you should’ve stayed with your kids when you’re at the workplace and vice versa. 

10 Life-Changing Mom Hacks

Shop Online: Order vegetable online

There’s quite a lot of things one has to buy every two days. Do you go shopping by yourself? Well, at our home, we have a habit of ordering online. Working moms should save as much time as they can. They shouldn’t rush to the stores on their way home from work. One can order everything online: do you need veggies, water, cat food, toilet paper, fresh flowers for your vase, .., and everything?

Please trust what I’m suggesting, ordering online is the easiest way. You reach home, and your children say, “Momma, I am out of papers and markers for my homework.” You don’t have to drive; go to the store and get it. Order immediately from your phone, and your order reaches your doorsteps quickly and conveniently. Amazon is every mom’s friend today. You can become a subscriber and can save time and some money. Isn’t this cool? If you aren’t online shopping yet, you should give it a go. 

Weekly Plan: Make a to-do list on Sundays 

Everyone’s home on Sundays. Moms should make a weekly plan on this day. Please invite everyone to the living room. Sit on the floor and divide your tasks into daily schedules for the upcoming week. Planning together is fun and more like productive family time.

See if there’s some laundry to do. Ask your kids to arrange their uniforms and sportswear for their school. They should hang the clothes and keep everything in reach; the socks, ties, and shoes.

Mark in the calendar if there’s a special event coming up this week. Your kid might be having a birthday, and it’s your anniversary this Tuesday. There’s a meeting at the school. Your kid has a game on Friday. Mark all these critical events on your calendar.

Meditate and Exercise: Make time for yourself.

Breathing in and out for a minute or more every day is mandatory in everyone’s life. Working moms especially bear so much stress in their minds. Focusing on your breath and meditation will improve mom’s mental health. Meditation reduces stress and is effective in promoting healthy mental health. 

Exercising keeps people healthy, happy, and young. However, exercising your mind isn’t just enough. Enhance your physical activities. Make some time every day and dance to your favorite song, practice some yoga tips, and whatever to make your heart pump blood faster. Yoga has long proven to improve the health of moms and keeps them physically fit and healthy. 

Divide work at home: Family cooks together every weeknight

When you get home after work, you feel relaxed. Your body needs some rest. But, there’s a lot to do in the kitchen. What can moms do? I’ll tell you a secret to make life easier. Give up the habit of doing everything by yourself. Call everyone in the kitchen. Divide the work among yourselves. Let your youngest one set the dinner table while the eldest tries some new recipes. By doing this, you won’t be burdening yourself with all the work. But, you are spending quality time and having glorious moments with family.

Put down your phone: Play with your kids.

As soon as you enter your home every evening, place your phone at a spot. Do not sit down and start scrolling the screen for hours. It would be best if you gave time to your family and kids. Moments you make with them are precious. Also, the parents-kids intimacy is more likely to deplete if they do not make fun memories together. So, watching phones all the time might not be a good idea for parents. 

Sit down on the floor and play with your little ones. Instead of watching mobile phones, we watch TV together. Cuddle with your kids, laugh with them. Life is beautiful when you can spend some glorious moments with your dears. 

Social networking: Connect with other moms and share your experiences

There’s so much going on in your lives. So, moms might feel low sometimes. There are times when you argue with your husband. All of a sudden, your kids might begin acting strangely. Who should you talk to in such cases? Speak with the other moms in your network. Ask if the moms have gone through what you’re suffering now? Ask for some practical ideas to solve problems at your homes.

Monitor your kid’s online activities

While you are busy working and managing things at home, your kids might be facing problems online. Without your conscience, they might be talking to a stranger and giving too much information. Sometimes, out of fun or revenge, kids might post something about their friends and teachers online. These activities might harm your family’s reputation and also the kid’s healthy well-being. 

So, no matter how busy parents are, they must know what sites kids are watching. Are they viewing some inappropriate content on their phones/laptops? They might commit cybercrime or play the victim while you aren’t giving attention to their online pursuit; if you feel like the kids are being addicted to their devices, set screen time limits

Family Days: Go on picnics and hikes

Everyone needs refreshment once in a while. Mark a picnic day or outing day on your calendar. Make a list of fun ideas to do with your family during weekends and vacations. Visiting Niagara falls is on my family’s bucket list for next summer. What is on yours?

Taking kids out once in a while will make for healthier communication with them. There is a considerable role of parents in a child’s life. If you are looking for some ways to make most of the weekends with your kids, here are some ideas:

  • Go hiking to nearby hills.
  • Take kids for angling in a lake close to your home
  • Visit some popular holiday destinations around you
  • Organize small family picnics 
  • Take your kids to the sunny beaches

Night makes your morning, and morning makes your day.

Go to bed early. Set the alarm and wake up before your kids. Do some exercises and meditation. Starting a day early is a code to success. Getting proper sleep will keep you fresh all day long. So, along with taking care of everyone in the family, super moms should take care of themselves too. 

If you have a young baby, your nights and mornings are more likely to be different. Getting enough rest and sleep when your baby is too young is challenging. But, you should always enjoy the precious moments with your child and promote a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Give yourself a break.

Even a piece of machinery needs rest. So how can you give all your time and effort to working at the office and managing everything at home? Take a break, have some refreshment in life. Life is manageable. You, as a working mom, shouldn’t always be struggling. 

Do you love reading books? Go to a library for maybe 2-3 hours in a week if you can. Make time to go to the parlor and do your nails and hairs. Go to a spa, get a relaxing body massage. Sometimes, it’s OK to postpone schedules, depending on how important things are. 

Dear moms, your family is already proud of what you’ve been doing and how you’ve handled every stressful situation in life. So, you should take care of your physical and mental health while you look after others. Spend some quality moments with your spouse and the kids. Enjoy everything life has to offer to you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mom Hacks

How can I make my working mom’s life easier?

If you have this question in your mind, you are old enough to assist her. Help her take care of household chores. Clean your house, help her in the kitchen. 

Once in a while, you can surprise her with some thank you gifts. Make her realize how important she is in everyone’s life. Make her realize how much everyone treasures her.

How do working moms survive?

Moms are superhumans. The challenging superpowers come from their love, affection, and dedication to their families and jobs. 

How can a working mom be happy?

Here are some mom hacks to keep a working mom happy:

  • Never feel guilty that you’re working
  • Save your time and energy
  • Look for a nanny if your kid is too young to leave alone
  • Connect with your spouse and kids via meaningful family customs
  • Stay organized, share household chores

Is it hard to be a working mom?

Most working moms say it’s challenging to balance their personal and professional life. However, one can always organize their lifestyle and find ways to remain happy and healthy. Please apply these working mom hacks in your life and let them help you shine.

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