Best Tips for a Work From Home Mom

Being a mom and balancing a work schedule at home can be challenging. Check out these tips to help you manage how to be a work from home mom.

Working from home while taking care of their kids full-time.
Being a mom and balancing a work schedule at home can be challenging. Check out these tips to help you manage how to be a work from home mom. #workfromhomemom #workingmoms #workingmomschedules

Best Tips for a Work From Home Mom

Being a mom has it’s own challenges and adding a job to those challenges can make our schedules even more complicating and hectic. Balancing both home life and work responsibilities is a delicate juggling act. Many of us are moms working from home and while some things we have mastered, there are still so many things that we all struggle with.

More than anything, being a mom has taught me that my attention is greatly needed all day long, especially if you have little ones like I do. Add a working schedule to the demands of motherhood definitely complicates things. It can be so hard to know how to distribute our attention to our families and our job.  If you are torn on how to make it work, you are not alone.

It is possible to be successful working from home and be a mom! There are so many women that are doing it and there are so many jobs out there that allow you to stay home with your kids and work. If your searching for that perfect job, be sure to check out my Free Webinar for Building a profitable Virtual Assistant Business.

As a work from home mom, let me give you some tips that have helped me along the way. In no way am I saying that everyday at our home is perfect, but we will forever be a work in progress and strive for more good days than bad ones.

Tips for Moms Managing a Work From Home Schedule

Daily work schedule

There might not be a perfect working from home schedule, but these tips may help find what works best for you.

  • Host a family meeting to talk about your new work schedule– After receiving your work schedule, sit down with your family and talk about how you can make it work. What changes will need to be made? Meal times, wake up times, and bedtimes may need to be adjusted.
  • Set Clear Boundaries– Be sure to set clear boundaries and expectations when mom is working.  If there is an area in the home designated for work, let the kids know the business hours for that area.  Posting an open/closed sign on the door can help them recognize when they cannot interrupt unless it’s an emergency.
  • Expectations– Help the kids to understand the expectations while mom is working. Set a schedule or make a routine chart they can follow to help maintain an organized feel inside the home. Rewarding them for times they follow through on goals that have been set can help them progress forward.

For those moms working from home, check out these 7 productivity tips to help balance work and kids.

Teaching the Importance of work

What a great opportunity we have as working moms to teach the kids work ethic based on our examples.  Making sure our kids know what we do, might help them better understand the need to get the job done.  

Although pretend play starts at such a young age, even older kids can be a part of role playing work opportunities.  Whether you are dealing with a toddler or a teenager, take advantage of the moments you are home.

Being a working mom
Navigating through being a working mom

Discover some fun ideas for teaching your kids to work:

  1. Pretend play restaurant for dinner time– As you are getting ready to make a meal, set it up restaurant style, and let the kids be the servers. Give them a notebook to take orders. If you’re feeling brave, even let them help with the cooking! Don’t forget to leave a tip to show your gratitude for a job well done.
  2. Give them their own work space– Need to do some computer work? Set up a desk or table next to yours and load up some learning apps. Set up a reasonable amount of time to both get some work done. For those older kids, try scheduling your computer work time during homework. If they are home, try to have quality time available for them. Those moments don’t come often enough!
  3. Have them complete small projects– Kids thrive on independence and are capable of more than we know. If you have small projects around the house that they can do themselves, give them the opportunity to shine.
  4. Entrepreneur goals– Giving your children goals on how to become an entrepreneur. If possible, let them earn some money doing chores around the home. Next, encourage them to use a portion of that money to buy supplies for a lemonade stand, candy stand, popsicles etc. As we walk them through the process of how a business can work, they come to appreciate a hard work ethic. Click here for even more tips on how to teach your child to have a good work ethic.

What to do with Free Time for a Work at Home Mom

One of the best things to live by is work hard, but don’t forget to play even harder! Once we have a schedule down for work, we can now start to prioritize our free time with the family. Whether you have one child, or 7, they all could use some good mom time.

As you get to know each one of your kids personalities, take a mental note of how to spend even 15 minutes a day with them individually. You might find yourself watching cartoons with one kid, then jumping on the tramp with another.

Making every second count can be a game changer. You might even discover that playing a quick game before one kid leaves for school, can make a huge difference in their attitude as they prepare for their day. Just as we love to be validated, so do our kids. Spending even just a little bit of quality time will set the precedence for them.

Being a mom, and working is hard enough, but don’t forget to find some quality “me time” as well. It’s ok to schedule a few minutes a day to sit a read a book, watch a favorite episode, or lay out on the deck and soak up some rays. Be upfront with your family that you can be a better mom and wife if you also take care of yourself.

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