Mom Friendly Jobs- Both Inside and Outside the Home

Are you looking for that perfect mom friendly job? Being a mom can be its own full-time job, but for some, that might not be enough.  Whatever the reason, whether it’s financial support, an outlet outside of motherhood, or a desire to try something new, the possibilities can be endless.  Being a mom while working can look different for everyone both inside and outside the home. There are several things that you may want to consider as you becoming that working mom.

  • Do you want a job outside of the home, or one you can work from the comfort of your own living room?
  • Do you want your schedule to line up with anyone else’s in the home, such as your child’s school schedule?
  • Can you be flexible with your schedule, or are you looking for specific days and times?
  • Are you looking for something that you can move up in position, or just something that helps pay the bills?
  • Is the reason for this job strictly to keep your sanity, or are you wanting a career opportunity?

For those that want to be a working mom outside the home

mom friendly jobs outside the home
Working outside the home

Be upfront with your employer about your expectations of being a mom first.  We all know there is the possibility of getting that dreaded phone call.  You know the one where the school calls you to tell you that your child has had an “incident” with the drinking fountain and now they need a change of clothes? Being a mom requires certain times that can’t be helped and having an understanding boss will help alleviate that stress.   There are several mom friendly jobs that can be ideal for those who want to work outside the home.  

  • Substitute teaching- depending on the school some substitute teaching jobs only require a high school diploma, along with excellent people skills.
  • Crossing Guard
  • Working within the schools-lunch lady, recess duty, front office, can all be great jobs with same schedules as the kids
  • Receptionist
  • Craft stores-think of the discounts on activities you can do with the kids after school hours.
  • Drink shops and fast-food restaurants are great places to work during the day as the teens are all at school
  • Local rec center-Great way to make money and possibly get a discount on activities for your family!

Possible Career Opportunities

Being a stay-at-home mom can be so rewarding, but it’s not for everyone.  Balancing being home with the kids while also taking on some outside success can also have its rewards.  As you are looking for something that you can expand your skill sets as well as your paychecks, prepare to educate yourself.  There are many mom friendly jobs out there that may require a trade school, classes, or a certificate that can find yourself in your new career position.  If it works for your circumstances to invest time and tuition then consider one of the following:

  • Dental hygienist
  • Hairstylist
  • massage therapist
  • nail technician
  • microblading
  • Nurse
  • Phlebotomist
  • ultrasound technician
  • Real-estate agent
  • Paralegal
  • Travel agent

I need to work but I really want to stay home

There are some situations that require you to work.  If you can’t bring yourself to leave the full time mom position, there are many mom friendly jobs that might work great for you! You may need to adjust to a different schedule, or include caffeine into your expenses, but here’s a few ideas for those stay at home working moms.

  • Teaching English- typically requires a bachelors degree but has much flexibility
  • Book Keeper
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Blogging- May take time to build a following and income-but a great way to stay home and be your own boss.
  • Sales Agent
  • Travel Agent
  • Book Keeper
  • Mock Juror
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Contact Tracer
  • Claims Investigator
  • Online seller- doing your research and buying wholesale products for resale purposes can be a great way to bring in some extra income. There are several online such as Ebay
  • Craft vendor- Making your own products/crafts at home and selling them online or at local craft fairs can be a fun and rewarding! Online stores such as Etsy can be successful and rewarding.
Need to work, but want to stay home?

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As you do your best to find which path works best for you, be proud of yourself for taking this next step. It’s not easy making a change when motherhood comes with its own challenges by itself.

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