How to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays


Learn how to make extra cash for the holidays with these different odd jobs that you can do on a part time basis.

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Learn how to make extra cash for the holidays with these different odd jobs that you can do on a part time basis. #howtomakeextracashfortheholidays #hottoearextracashfortheholidays #workfromhome

How to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays

Fall is here and it’s time to start preparing your budget for all of your holiday festivities. Most families need a little extra money to get through this time of year. With Halloween costumes, candy, large family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas presents, it can get a little expensive. Learn how to make extra money for the holidays with these part time jobs.

You may be a full-time student, a full-time stay-at-home mom, or a freelancer, but you do have a little extra time on your hands to make a little extra money. Thankfully, there are many fall seasonal jobs to pursue—some require prerequisite skills and others do not.

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How to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays with Non-Skilled Jobs

  • Retail: Fall is when the holiday shopping mayhem begins and Black Friday is its apex. According to Forbes, retailers hire approximately 700,000 seasonal employees during the months leading up to Christmas. Target, Kohl’s and Walmart fill 80,000 temporary positions for the holidays. You don’t necessarily need any skills for retail—you just have to be friendly and willing to help the store’s customers.
retail worker
  • Yard Work: Just like homeowners want people to mow their lawns in the spring and summer months, they may want someone to rake up the leaves in fall. You can also winterize their garden for them by covering their plants with mulch and other products. You can easily build a large clientele from referrals. In more affluent areas, you can be paid decent money per hour for your work.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkin patches are everywhere this time of year. You can drive the tractor, work as a cashier, etc.
  • Haunted House: Haunted houses are equally ubiquitous in fall, especially during October. Get a kick out of scaring the daylights out of people. You could play a ghost or crazy serial killer or even a creepy doll if you can brave scary environments. Scaring people doesn’t require a college degree—no past skills are needed.
  • Catering: Fall weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Who wouldn’t want to take their wedding photos among the fiery, rich colors of autumn? These weddings, galas and opening banquets for master’s programs, etc. often need catering services. You could easily be a server for a local catering company. Catering days are long, often 12 hours or more, so you can make a good sum of money at one event.

Earn Extra Cash with these Work from Home Skilled Jobs

  • Virtual Assistant: New businesses are growing every day, older brands are using remote employees, and outsourcing is becoming the way to get jobs done! This is the solution for busy moms looking for a way to make money from home. Take my VA in 60 days course to get started.
  • Social Media Assistant: Many companies want to push their products on their social media platforms during the fall months leading up to Christmas. They want to make sure they hit their sales goals for the end of the year and thus their attention to marketing increases. You can help them carry out their social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Twitter until they are complete.

How to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays with Skilled Jobs

  • Photography: If you are a photography guru, take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather to snap some photos for families. Many people take pictures during the fall for holiday cards so the demand is high. You can also charge a fair amount for each session—modest photographers charge $100 to $150 for a one hour photo shoot.



  • Temporary Receptionist: This job requires you to be tech savvy.  Check out this article to see if you have the basic skills most likely required. You need to understand technology to navigate finding a job in the first place. Most receptionist jobs are posted online and oftentimes the first contact you have with your future employer is via email or other electronic medium.
  • Crafts: You may be the type of person who is constantly making cute crafts, especially during the fall season with all of its appealing décor ideas. You can create an Etsy shop and sell your glitter pumpkins or other fall crafts online. Find out if there is a craft fair in your area and register for a booth.


face painting

  • Face Painting: Fall is full of fall festivals attended by families with little kids. If you have some experience in art, consider face painting for a few hours a few nights a week at your local fall festival.
  • Ski Resort: Depending on where you live, you can get snow as early as Halloween. As the snow settles in, ski resorts open and need employees. You could work as a lift technician or a ski instructor. You could make the big bucks by teaching private snowboarding lessons. If you like adventure and are exceptionally talented at skiing, apply for a ski patrol or safety position.

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