Creating a Mindset For Success in Life and in Business

Have you been feeling a nudge to try something new? Creating a mindset for success is the first step for success. Pursuing your dream may be filled with your own fears. Fear is real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a leap even with shaky knees.

Creating a Mindset For Success in Life and in Business
Creating a Mindset For Success in Life and in Business

In celebration of National Women’s Day I want this post today to be about celebrating you and helping you reach your goals. That all starts with the way you see yourself and manifesting the power that lies within you.

Let’s talk about how to move past your fears!

  • First you need to trust yourself and what lies within YOU. You have to believe you have it in you to create your best life.
  • Be willing to take the risk of standing out and being who you are truly within you.
  • Writing down your fears and physically throwing them away or burning them up can be really helpful!
Creating a positive mindset, positive mindset

Know where you’re headed: Creating Goals For Your Future

Are you wanting to pay off your debts? Create a more successful morning routine? Or start that business you’ve always wanted to start?

Begin with the end in mind. Where do you hope to end up? Think about that end goal and work backward.

Let’s start with a financial goal for example. Imagine you would like to pay off student loan debts of $5,000. Create a timeline for your goals so that you can divide up the goal into bite size pieces.

Create a timeline that will help you find a more manageable, bite size approach to that end goal. Let’s say you want to pay off that debt within three years. Taking that end balance and dividing it over three years would mean that you need to pay that balance down to $138.88 per month for three years.

Want to accelerate that? Find creative ways to cut costs on your “extra” every day spending. This is when you can really make a difference. An extra 50 dollars can cut that time frame can help you shave off your time by 10 months! That could be one less time eating out for dinner that month.

Creating small wins leads to big success as you move forward.

Be empowered by your spending choices

Money is one of the number one sources of stress for almost everyone. Finding ways to be more mindful with your dollars can be absolutely life changing.

Credit cards are a convenient and safe way to pay for things (and possibly earn rewards for doing so), but to make them work for you, you have to pay off your balance every month in full.

Understanding this approach and sticking to goals with the use of a credit card can be tricky. That is why I love the solution of Qube Money. Qube Money gives you the flexibility of setting goals ahead of time, setting them up in your phone as “Qubes”. Then when you’re ready to spend your money you have a special card linked to your goals. The best part is that you do a mental check in before each purchase to see where your balance lies.

This EMPOWERS you to know where you are and keeps your goals in check all month through!

How to Make a Budget and Stick to it
How to make a budget and stick to it with these simple steps and the Qube Money app.

What makes the whole process a bit different is that you are opening your Qube Money app each time you spend your money. This allows you to have a mental check in with where you stand in regard to your financial goals. 

Win. Win.

This feature also allows an added layer of security because if your card was lost or stolen is cannot be accessed without being “opened” without your phone.

Own your unique INNER Power

If you want something and you have the pure intentions of seeking after it with a pure intent you will find it. You must need to find the uniqueness and stand in what you hold sacred . So many times the biggest problem is that we don’t tend to see ourselves as capable, dynamic, powerful or influential.

If you are not clear in recognizing this power within yourself the battle is already lost. No one will ever believe in your purpose/life/business as much as you do. You must care the most, have the most tenacity to see it through. YOU have the power within you.

See failure as a part of the journey

You can’t become an expert in anything without a messy beginning, heck, even a messy middle! Truly, any accident or perceived failure along the way in part of your learning. Your personal university is filled with things that you know now and something that you learn along the way. At the end of the day it is the vision that pulls your through. Know what you’re doing, how your doing it, and WHY.

Staying Connected with your WHY

Take a moment and ask yourself: “Why do I do what I do?” Understanding your “why” will inform your purpose and help you tap into your deeper motivations. This is key to understanding how to achieve the things you really want in life. Why do you focus on the things you do? 

If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of find your WHY, join my free FIVE day course for discovering your why and purpose.

Are you looking for more ideas of what you could do to earn money? There are so many new and exciting ways to create success inside/outside the home. I am working on something I will be sharing with you very soon!

Create intention with your time

With any goal you want to stay in tune with your goals. Create space for the highs and the lows knowing having compassion with yourself and others with any goals are KEY. Wanting to do more from home and looking for tools for success?? Read this post for working from home hacks.

When it comes to seeking success in your life and in your business knowing your worth and staying connected to your authentic self will always lead you to a live you’ll love.

This post was written in partnership with Qube Money. All opinions are 100% mine.

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