Simplifying Your Budget Mindset: Qube Money 1-2-3

Have you ever set a budgeting goal that you really wanted to stick to but it fell flat after only a couple of weeks? Simplifying your budget mindset is the key to reaching the success that you are after. Achieving a goal can oftentimes become overwhelming.

This post is written in partnership with Qube Money, all opinions are my own.

Life is busy. Decisions take work. The easy way is where our minds want to go NO MATTER WHAT. 

So what does that translate to with reaching our budgeting goals? 

We need to make the process easier.  Getting rid of overwhelm and breaking down the process is what is going to help you move forward to your ultimate goal. 

If you had a choice of getting a result in a longer period of time or a shorter period of time, which would you pick? 

Silly question. We want it simple. We want the results without having the decision overwhelm.

 Qube Money is the power of digital banking with cash envelopes! It allows you to have the convenience of carrying your goals around with you in your pocket. Qube Money is a banking app/service that you can access and prep before you shop/eat out/spend your money so that your decision overwhelm is kept in check.


1.     Start with the end in mind.

2.     Take out decision making steps ahead of time.

3.     Make the process simple.

Qube Money helps you with this process, I will show you how.

Start with the end in mind.

Budgeting goals are just like any other goal that you set for yourself. You first need to decide where you want to end up so that you know where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there. Do you want to pay off a car? Save for a home? Have enough extra money to save for a vacation? 

By keeping your end goal in mind it will not only make your path more clear, but it will help you find a clear path of how to get there. 

Imagine your goal in stages. Where are you beginning and where do you want to end up?

 Start HERE: Manageable daily/weekly/steps
  Finish HERE: What does that victory moment look like?

Write out a chart and write down your goals. Create stepping stones of progress. 

If you’re looking for a chart for paying off or saving up to buy a home you can grab a free printable on this post.

Take out decision making steps ahead of time. 

Even $50 a month in savings can help you reach your goal so much more quickly. Dollars really add up and coming up with a savings plan to help you reach those goals is so empowering ahead of time. 

What does this look like? Prepping a budget for the extras ahead of time. Groceries, eating out, entertainment, and shopping. These are the areas we can prep ahead of time to have fulfillment and success in reaching our goals. 

Mindset is defining your goals and thinking of them as though they are within your reach.

For me this means we have a weekly family meeting, set up our Qube Money qubes, and schedule in the FUN! This means we don’t feel like we’re missing out as we go along. 

Plan in the fun, make those decisions with intention and make the magic happen. 

Make the process simple.

This is where Qube Money really comes into play! When you set up a game plan coming up with a way to stick with the plan is key. 

The cash envelope system was once all the rage about how to get to your financial goals. The idea of it is amazing because it is setting aside a certain amount of cash per category per week/month. 

My issue with this is that I always forgot to get the cash to set aside or I would be in a scenario where a card was required with an online purchase or in-store that only takes a credit card. 

Qube Money takes the same concept of checking in with each purchase where you are in your budget, but with the convenience of an app! You literally check in with your account before making a purchase whether it is in person or online. 

It is a mental check in with your goals that you set ahead of time that will help you make and keep your goals. 

Simplifying Your Budget Mindset today!

SIGN ME UP! How do I get started? 

Signing up with Qube Money is easy!

1.     Download the app HERE.


2.     Transfer money directly (the first time is a quick, free transfer!)

3.     Buy your product with a tap and see how it works.

Test it out for yourself and see how easy it is to reach those goals!

Bonus points: The card that comes with Qube money can also be used with a quick tap like Apple Pay. Because you have to “Open your qube” before accessing your account means that you have an added layer of security because if a card was lost your account cannot be accessed without you opening it on the app first!

Click here to learn more and get started

Want to know a secret? There is even more coming with Qube Money!

Chore tracking

Keep a simple chore list for your family members – jobs, hours, and payments all in one place.

In Qube notes

The perfect place to share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. In-app notes is a place where money and dreams come together

Qube Bill Pay

Separate money for each bill. Automate payments. Pause unwanted payments in-app. See due date, bill amount, and allocated funds all in one place.

Payday 2 Days Early **This is already live!!

Direct deposit through a qualified employer and access your check two days early.

Roundup Technology

Build your savings goals effortlessly. Add the unnoticed cents to fund your financial priorities.

Subscription Control

Tired of free trials turning into monthly subscriptions? Set the parameters and Qube stops unwanted payments.

Click below to sign up today!

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