Careers where you can work from home

There are a wide variety of reasons that a person might want to work from home. Many of these reasons are financial, such as to make all of the money that you saved to purchase a home business-related, which can make your mortgage and other housing expenses tax deductible. However, there are personal reasons that someone might want to work from home, as well, such as to spend more time around family, or to work remotely in a field that doesn’t have adequate jobs in your area. Regardless of why you want to work from home, here are several career fields and jobs that enable you to do so.

careers where you can work from home


Software development

One of the most lucrative careers where you can work from home, in general, is software development. Coders and developers are in high demand, nowadays, and the only requirement to do their work is a capable computer and reliable internet connectivity, both of which can be attained at home. Software developers, with experience, can easily pull in a $100,000+ salary, which is relatively rare for the work at home market. In addition, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to break into this field, and can take coding courses online to teach yourself the ropes.


Online marketing

The marketing capabilities of the internet are practically endless, which is why companies invest billions upon billions of dollars every year to try to attract as many eyeballs to their content as they can. When it comes to executing an online marketing strategy, there are plenty of positions that can be filled by individuals who work remotely. The salaries of individuals in the online marketing world can be fairly wide, but the amount of work from home jobs in the industry are incredibly high.



Writing jobs are in a higher demand than they’ve ever been, due to how many uses there is for written content across the internet. As such, writing has become a convenient field for individuals who want to work from home, or even while they are traveling. Typically, most writing jobs require a bachelor’s degree to get into the field, but really all you need is a keen understanding of language and the ability to write well. The most lucrative of writing jobs tend to be for technical writers, who specialize in communicating complex information in a simple way. Technical writers can make north of $70,000 a year, with experience.


Customer service

One of the fastest growing fields in the American economy, for better or worse, has been the field of customer service. There is a high amount of jobs that require little experience or education to break into in the customer service field, but there is still room for growth for those who apply themselves. While many think of customer support over the phone as something that is done in a call center, there are many businesses who utilize remote workers that only need a reliable internet connection and phone line to conduct their duties. While starting jobs as a customer service representative start at $30,000 or less, individuals can gain commission in certain companies, which raises your income ceiling.


Babysitting and pet sitting

If you want to work from home, but really don’t want to spend your days slaving away at a computer, then you can make your own opportunities by offering babysitting or pet sitting services. Babysitting will probably make you more money, as parents who work need a sitter more regularly. However, if you are only looking for supplemental income in your household, then petsitting for folks who go out of town is a great way to get a little extra cash. Also, you get to spend time with kids and animals.



Online tutoring is a relatively new field, but there are plenty of students out there who need help comprehensively understanding complex subjects. If you have a degree in a field, but would rather work from home than get a job directly in that field, then tutoring is a great way to use your knowledge as a source of income.

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