Why does my son’s breath smell like feces?

Yeah, pretty gross title, right!?

Well, on Sunday evening I found myself typing that same question into Google (and every other search engine) trying desperately to come up with an answer. Yes, my son’s breath, did indeed, smell like POOP!

It started Sunday morning. My boys were playing in their room before we headed off to church. I walked in their room and was blown away by the awful smell. “Did one of you poop your pants!?” They both laughed and said no, which didn’t surprise me since they’ve both been potty trained for years. I pulled all the sheets off their beds and put them in the washing machine and I sent the boys to the bath for a scrub down before church. It was after their bath, and while we were sitting in church that we realized the smell was coming from Sam’s mouth! Yes, his breath was so foul it made his whole room stink.

Google was absolutely no help. Most of the answers were about oral hygiene, which is maybe what I would have thought too, but I’m married to a dentist and I know they have great oral hygiene thanks to him.

The other suggestions were that he eats his own poop. Thanks Google.

Yesterday I took him to the pediatrician. They first swabbed his throat because sometimes strep can cause bad breath. After the doctor checked Sam out he informed me that the awful, putrid, poop smell was not coming from his mouth, but from his nose. Sam had a foreign object stuck up his freaking nose! The doc then pulled a huge, slimy, disgusting cotton ball out of Sam’s right nostril. Lovely.

So I am writing this post as a public service to those with curious, mischievous toddlers. Maybe you are searching Google, as I did, wondering why your sweet child’s breath smells like a heaping pile of dung. Well, here is one possible answer; they might have a foreign object stuck way up in the depths of their nose.

Of course, I am not a doctor. There are a few other things that could be wrong with your child, most of which seemed pretty justified in a visit to the pediatrician.

Or they could just be eating their feces. Good luck.

Does your toddlers breath smell awful? This happened to me and I was surprised at the reason!

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