Valentine’s Day Party “Kissing Game”

Looking for a Valentine Party game that will embrace the fun of Valentine’s Day? This Valentine’s Day party kissing game is low cost, super silly, and lots of fun. Will a few items from the grocery store you will be ready to go in no time! This would also be fun for a little girl’s birthday party of kissing the frog. I have used this same idea for birthday parties and the kids always love it.

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Last year I helped in my son’s Valentine party with this Valentine classroom kissing game. The kids were a fit of giggles and it was such a fun mix of silly and fun. If your classroom parties are similar to ours than you will most likely be doing rotations of games throughout the room so you are working with small groups of boys and girls.

Valentine’ Day Kissing Game Supplies:

  • Large poster size paper notebook (I bought mine at the dollar store.)
  • Markers of every color.
  • Lipstick (pink & red)
  • Makeup cleansing wipes
  • blindfolds
  • push pins or tape
  • q-tips

As I mentioned before, this game doesn’t cost much to put together, but it does take some time. You will first want to start with drawing caricature for each of the boys and girls to kiss. I looked up the class list and drew enough for all of the girls to have a boy to kiss and all of the boys to have a girl drawing to kiss. I also drew a few extras in case a child wanted something else.

I grabbed this art pad and went to work. My son’s class had 26 kids, so drawing all of the characters took some time, but it was so worth it. I made them different colors with different hairstyles, eyes, shapes, and I even named them.

When the kids came around in their groups I let them pick out who they wanted “to kiss.” It was so funny to me, because at the time these kids were in 4th grade and they already had a strong opinion of who they wanted their caricature to be.

The kids had so much fun picking out who their person would be. They were giggling and silly, but they also thought it was a lot of fun. If I can find the pictures from my phone I will upload them, but for now I recreated the process with my son.

So this caricature’s name is Mallory and my son’s name is Jackson, so once the children have picked out their person. We put on the lipstick.

Buy inexpensive tubes of lipstick from the dollar store! Do not use something you’ll be sad about using or that you’ll want to keep. I actually brought q-tips for the kids to put the lipstick on with and then had sanitary wipes for them to use when they were done so there was no germ sharing.

Now it’s time for the blindfold! This is very similar to the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey. You will blindfold them and spin them, but while they are being spun you sing the song, “___________and_____________ sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, next comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!” Fill in the names of the person you are spinning and the person’s name on the paper. (That is why I gave them all a name.)

Normally this picture will be pinned or taped to a wall. I would suggest hanging it somewhere that is washable so that if someone kisses the wall it isn’t a big deal. (This did happen when we played the game!)

When the kids are done they end up with a fun caricature of their own with their lips on it! We had quite a few with kisses on the forehead, ear, above the head, or even on the wall. The kids think it is hilarious and a lot of them asked to take their pictures home with them as a souvenir for the day.

Easy, easy and such a fun way to celebrate the fun of Valentine’s Day!

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