Unique and Fun Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

Check out this unique twist on the red elf this holiday season. Try these Elf on the Shelf Alternatives using toys for your child.

Unique Elf on the Shelf Alternatives
Check out this unique twist on the red elf this holiday season. Try these Elf on the Shelf Alternatives using toys for your child. #elfontheshelfalternatives #uniqueelfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelf

Unique and Fun Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

When elf on the shelf came out, I thought it was a really fun and creative idea on how to get kids excited for Christmas.  I have never really gotten into big trends so it was difficult to decide if we should buy an elf or not. So I thought to myself, “do I really need to buy an Elf or can I just take one of the toy’s I was going to gift my son and use that?”

I found myself looking for toys that are flexible enough to do the same posses and antics as the original elf. At the dollar store and found a Santa hat ornament. I cut the tip off the hat to make a mini hat and sewed the remaining ornament fabric into a cloak.

We follow the same rules as an Elf on the shelf.  Like they cannot touch them or they will lose their powers and they will do fun things around the house. We have chosen not to do anything that would leave a big mess.

On Christmas morning the transformer elf arrives in the tree this time without his hat and cloak.  And now their Elves are once again a gift. 

Transformer Elf on the Shelf Alternative

My son loves transformers so the Transformer Elf was born. He got a hat and a cape to be magical and travel to different places throughout the house. My son has had a Transformer elf for 3 years now. I just get a different transformer every year for him and he loves it.

Transformer action figure

The transformer elf brings movies for a movie night and gingerbread house kits to put together. He does all the same fun things like the elf on the shelf, he’s just an alternate version.

Transformer Action Figure with popcorn bucket

Power Ranger Elf

One year my son loved all things Power Rangers. Just like I did with the Transformers, I purchased a Power Ranger and made it into a Power Ranger Elf. To make this toy into an elf, just add the hat and cape. Pretty simple costume that you can reuse year after year with the next toy.

Power Ranger Action Figures

Imaginext Elf

My youngest loves anything and everything Imaginext. Same as the other toys, found an action figure he didn’t have and made an Imaginext Elf. It’s so easy to transform any alternative toy to an Elf on the shelf.

Imaginext Elf

Barbie Elf on the Shelf Alternative

If you don’t have boys or girls into action figures, they can always do a Barbie Elf. Barbie can maneuver and comes in so many different options.

Rules for the Alternative Elf on the Shelf:

  1. Pick a toy like action figure or barbie like that your child wants for Christmas as an alternative to elf on the shelf.
  2. Get a Santa hat and or cape to fit their little bodies.
  3. Move the toy elf around the house like you would do with the Elf on the Shelf. The kids can’t touch it while it’s wearing it’s magic hat and cape.
  4. Christmas morning, your child’s toy elf is missing it’s magical hat and cape because they get to keep it and play with it as their present.
  5. Each child gets their own toy elf.
  6. They get a new alternative elf on the shelf toy every year that they will get to keep play with and keep on Christmas.

Kids love this Alternate Elf on the Shelf

My boy’s get so excited to see who their elf will be every year and they cannot wait to play with them on Christmas morning. My boy’s still show me their previous elves and say, “Mom my elf do you remember he was my elf?”.  I enjoy this idea so much because its different yet the same. I like to do things my own way and this is a perfect tradition for our family.

My oldest this year asked me why our elves are not the same as other people’s elves? I told him because your elf is lucky enough to become yours on Christmas morning.  It made him smile so big and he got really happy with that answer.  I know this idea can seem harder and stranger and it would be a lot easier to just buy an Elf on the Shelf. But I love it. I choose to make it more geared towards each individual boy. I feel this makes it special for them.

***Special Thanks to Amanda! This idea was shared with us from a reader named Amanda. She has been married 15 years and a mom of 2 boys. She was so gracious and sweet to share her story for the way she does her elf on the shelf.

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