12 of the Best Places to Hide Christmas Presents

Looking for ideas of where to put gifts before the big day? Here are 12 of the Best Places to hide Christmas Presents from your kids.

12 of the Best Places to Hide Christmas Presents

Hiding Christmas presents from your kids is just as important as finding great deals during the holiday season. Depending on the ages and/or personalities of your kids, you may find that you have to think of some really clever ideas so they don’t stumble upon them before the big day.

I love doing my shopping online as I have a very hard time getting to the store. The boxes get delivered and the kids are always wanting to open. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids out of those boxes and keep the surprise going until Christmas.

Here’s the List of the Best Places to Hide Christmas Presents

1: Mix it up

  • Mix it up– Don’t get too stuck in your ways of where to hide the goods, try to choose new places each year. If your kids are older, they may be on to you more than you think. If you hide the gifts under the bed the year before, try hiding them in the attic the next.

2: Try the Underwear Drawer

  • Try the underwear drawer– No kid is going to want to go poking around in Daddy’s or Mommy’s underwear drawer. This is the perfect place for small video games, stocking stuffers, treats, or toys. I have, however, forgot about things I have hidden in this spot and found months later so be careful to remember what you have where!

3: Hide them in their Rooms

  • Hide them in their rooms– This is probably the easiest, most overlooked option. You could use basic boxes or totes to label “books” “clothes” or nothing at all. This is one of the best places to hide Christmas presents! It will be right under their noses and they wont even think to look there. Another successful place could be under their own bed, depending on the style and how much space you have to work with.

4: Under the Laundry Bin

  • Under the laundry bin. I don’t know about your kids, but mine rarely go into the laundry room. You could hide them in cupboards with the cleaning products, under the bins of laundry, or even hiding right alongside ironing that is waiting to be done.

5: Just Another Box in the Garage

  • Just another box in the garage– This is actually the idea that I am using right now. I am constantly getting packages from various places and will have stacks of boxes that need to be broken down and recycled. When a package comes in the mail, I wrap it right away and then store the smaller wrapped boxes in a larger, unmarked cardboard box that I store in the garage. My kids are so used to seeing them around that they think nothing of it.

6: Mislabeled Storage Bins

  • Mislabeled storage bins– Your kids will never suspect storage totes labeled “Halloween Decor” or “College Text Books.” That’s why this is one of the best places to hide Christmas Presents. This can be kept in regular spaces like storage areas, garages, attics, or storage units.

7: In the Attic

  • In the attic– Attics in general can seem like a very scary place to be sneaking around which makes it the perfect hiding place for your Christmas gifts. Stacking old things around or on top of your gifts is also a good tactic as long as they are protected and don’t get smashed.

8: In Your Office

  • In your office– If you have an office away from home, this can be a fabulous hiding spot for obvious reasons. This is one my husband always uses to keep things a surprise for me. He isn’t very good at hiding things in the house, or in general, but he is VERY good at surprising me and keeping a secret. This is why the office works so well because he knows I wont stumble onto it by accident.

9: The Trunk of Your Car

  • The trunk of your car (or with the spare wheel)– If you have a trunk that closes and conceals this is a great option. The space tire area is one of the best places to hide Christmas presents from your older kids. It is often forgotten and there is quite a bit of space in there.

10: Suitcases

  • Suitcases– Suitcases are a great option for hiding gifts because they are so rarely used. You may even have suitcases that come with a lock for an added layer of protection if you think you may have someone with prying eyes. I have heard of people’s suitcases being cut into, and if you think that could be an issue in your home you are best keeping the gifts out of your home altogether!

11: Neighbor’s Garage

  • Neighbor’s Garage– Or a friends, or a family members. This is especially useful if you are gifting larger items like bicycles, cars, or other recreational items.

12: Mislabel the Gifts

  • Mislabel the gifts– I just learned about this idea last night! My neighbor picks code names for her kids each year and labels their gifts accordingly. For example this year she is using “elf names” to label her wrapped gifts under the tree like “Pixie, Ronnie, Victor, & Buddy” other years she has used themes like reindeer, flowers, tv characters and so on. She is the only one in the family who knows who’s code name is who’s and that way she is avoiding the arguments that we all hear.

I hope you have enjoyed and gotten ideas from the 12 best places to hide Christmas presents. These ideas have helped me out in years past and I hope they will help you too.

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